Supernatural: One Year Gone

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Title Supernatural: One Year Gone
ISBN 978-0857680990
Author(s) Rebecca Dessertine
Publisher Titan Books
Published May 24, 2011
Purchase Available on Amazon
Preceded by Supernatural: War of the Sons
Succeeded by Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss

Supernatural: One Year Gone by Rebecca Dessertine is the seventh novel tie-in for Supernatural. It was published May 24, 2011 by Titan Books and is 320 pages in length.


Dean believes that Sam is in Hell so he is trying to keep his promise to his brother and live a normal live with Lisa and Ben. When he realizes that a spell in the Necronomicon could raise Lucifer and therefore Sam, he convinces his new family to travel with him on vacation to Salem.

Meanwhile Sam is not as far away as Dean thinks and is determined to protect his brother from the Salem witches...



Constance caught one of her young farm hands by the arm, pulled him close, and, grabbing the knife, started to chant once again. I realized she was trying to raise the second Prince of Hell, whose name I knew to be Leviathan.


  • This book takes place between seasons five and six.

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