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Produced by Inkwords, the Season One Trading Cards were released in November 2006, 6 cards per pack, with 36 packs per box and 10 boxes in a case, for the price of $2.49 per pack.

Autograph Cards

Piecework Cards

“Pieceworks” cards contain swatches of clothing worn by characters in episodes of the show.

Sam in Wendigo

Autographed Piecework Cards

Featuring costume and signature by:

  • Julie Benz as Layla Rourke
  • Amy Acker as Andrea Barr

Additional Cards

Searching Cards - nine-card foil puzzle (9 cards - inserted approximately 1:11 packs).

Dead End- six holographic foil cards (6 cards - inserted approximately 1:17 packs).

Additional Cards

  • Box Set "Winchester Family" (3 different cards - 1 per box)
  • Case Loader "Crash" (1 card - 1 per case)
  • Special Retailer Offer:
    • PW-13A: Show-worn jacket by Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester.
    • PW-13B: Show-worn jacket by Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester.