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Supernatural Then and Now is a rewatch hosted by series stars Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. Together, they revisit the show and interview cast, crew, and producers to share some behind-the-scenes information about the show. The show launched on 24 January 2022 with two episodes featuring Jared and Jensen. New episodes are released on Mondays, and occasional bonus clips are shared to subscribers.

The podcast paused after airing the episode on 4.09 for the SAG-AFTRA strike, resuming once the strike was over.

"Rob and Rich are the perfect people to do this. Not only did they play some of the series' most iconic characters, but they've been stewards of the show to the fans for over a decade, hosting popular events and conventions across the country," Supernatural executive producer Bob Singer said in a press release.

At the German Comic Con in Dortmund, in December 2021 Misha said he’d been approached by Kripke about hosting a Supernatural rewatch podcast. He was unable to do it, but had suggested Rob and Rich.

There was some drama in fandom in response to the announcement around a fan who was working on the podcast.

The podcast is produced by Story Mill Media and is currently written by Haida Holscher and Steven Hein. Jessica Mason is credited as a writer for the first 5 episodes of the podcast.

Each podcast episode is also linked on its respective episode entry.


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