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Celebrate Supernatural Day - Obsessed and Possessed!

Twelve years ago, on 13th September, the Supernatural Pilot premiered. September 13th 2016 was been declared #SupernaturalDay to celebrate the amazing journey on which this show has taken fans, the cast and the crew.

Supernatural Day is a day to celebrate three things:

  • the show
  • the fans
  • the cast and crew.

The day will honor the Winchester mission: Saving people, hunting things - the family business.

Fans can show their Supernatural pride by sharing their favourite moments from the show, displaying their fannish love through their fanworks, cosplay, tattoos and the like. We can also tweet our appreciation of fellow fans, the cast the writers and the crew.

A limited edition t-shirt will be sold through Hot Topic and starting on 9/5, any Supernatural purchase will come with a temporary tattoo to help fans celebrate Supernatural Day.

Fans are being encouraged to write The Family Business on their arms and post pictures, or photos of their Hot Topic Possessed & Obsessed temporary tattoos.

The CW will be sharing favorite moments from the Show every week. On 9/13, CW will be showing appreciation for fans through retweets, reposts and Instagram pics featuring Possessed & Obsessed tattoos.
@HotTopic on Twitter will countdown their favorite moments from each season