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January 3 Scary gets Sexy
Supernatural starts airing on ITV2 in the U.K. It is marketed with a specially made promo featuring the tagline "Scary just got Sexy" and set to Echo & The Bunnymen's "Killing Time"

Jared and Jensen at the 11th Annual Critics Awards

January 9:
Jared and Jensen attend the 11th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards.

Jensen is interviewed on KTLA and talks about getting the role on Supernatural..and Jared.

Q: Now your co-star Jared is a bit of a baby. He says shooting the show scares him!

Jensen: Yeah, he's a bit of a baby. I have to slap his hand away every now and again when he wants to hold mine. He's also a very big baby...I'm 6'1" and he makes me look 5'9". He's 6'5". I tell him i get to slap him whenever I stand on an applebox.

January 10: I have to wonder, does it get lonely being just you and Jared [Padalecki, Sam] in every damn episode? Do you corner the writers and go, "Can't we get a bartender buddy or something?"

Ackles: [Laughs] Oh, trust me. When [Warner Bros. Television president] Peter Roth and I had dinner about a month ago, he said, "So, the show's doing really, really good, everybody's really happy.... How do you think we can make the show great?" "Add. More. Characters." is the first thing I said. [Laughs] But that's what we signed on for — we knew it would be just Jared and I, and that it would be a very demanding schedule, and it definitely has been. It hasn't let up. I think I've had one day off since July. The cool thing about it is that Jared and I really get to work hard and, in the same breath, we get to meet and see and work with new people each week. It's a new town, a whole new story, new people, so in a sense that's something kinda cool that we have that a lot of shows don't. Do you guys never film during the day, or does the show just do a great job of simulating darkness and murkiness?

Ackles: Everything that you see inside is generally done during the day and then, of course, our night shoots are either cheated a bit or we wait until the sun drops. But we shoot in Vancouver, where the sun goes down quite early. It will be 4:40 in the afternoon and it's dark already. I thought my ears spied Canadian accents on some of the guest stars. I was watching "Asylum" and that blonde girl.....
Ackles: What, did she throw in an aboot?

January 16: Article in Melbourne newspaper ahead of Supernatural's premier on Australian TV that day.

Kim Manners, John Shiban, Jensen, Jared and Bob Singer on the Paley panel

March 4: William S. Paley Television Festival
The William S. Paley Television Festival is held by The Paley Media Center (formerly The Museum of Television & Radio) once a year. On March 4, there was a Supernatural Panel attended by Jared, Jensen, Kim Manners, John Shiban, Eric Kripke and Robert Singer. A must watch for fans, there are great insights into the show, and wonderful dynamics between everyone, especially Jared and Jensen who joke and play it up and flirt.

Jensen: And they were pleased with it and went home that evening and got a phone call, 'Well, there’s this guy Jared Pada... Padasomething and they really are liking him for one of the brothers.' So of course, I look him up online.

Jared: He thought I was hot.

Jensen: This guy is smokin’ hot. I cannot play his brother. And then they said they’d like to bring me back into Dean and I was of course very excited.

John Shiban: And the second thing, honestly, is casting and chemistry. And chemistry is something you cannot manufacture. These guys have it and they are so great to write for.

[Jared looks at Jensen and leans in to kiss him, but Jensen points to the audience which breaks into cheers and goes wild]

Jared Padalecki: "Worth a try, worth a try".

March 12: Grand Slam Sci Fi Convention 2006 Jared's first fan Con and most notable for a five minute re-telling of The Bee Story

Jeffrey Dean Morgan behind the scenes filming 1.22 Devil's Trap

April 4: WB Inside & Out - a feature on Supernatural filmed during 1.03 Dead in the Water - includes Jared talking about his dogs, and playing his new PSP. Jensen mentions Jared bought him one too. We see the hand Jared injured during the infamous bar fight (see August 2005). Watch the end for a lovely Jared and Jensen moment.

May 3 Jensen talks about the scars left by shooting:

t the end of the day "Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles counts his hard knocks, cuts and bruises. If he finds some new ones, he knows he's had a productive day on the set.
"I'll be getting into the shower and all of a sudden it will be like, 'Whoa!' I'll find a new cut or a bump or a bruise," the 28-year-old Texas-born actor says. "I'll feel a cut on my elbow and think, 'Oh, nice!' "

May 4: The Season One finale 1.22 Devil's Trap airs. It ends with a cliffhanger - the Impala is totaled by a semi and the fate of the Winchester boys and their father is unknown - although fans seem particularly concerned about the fate of the Impala. When the finale was filmed, it was unknown if the show would be renewed. Over the following weeks, the buzz is positive, but uncertainty is added by the merge of the The WB and UPN to form The CW.

HIATUS BETWEEN SEASON 1 AND 2 Jared and Jensen do promotion for the show in London. Jensen films Ten Inch Hero and Jared travels with Sandy and his sister to China.

Translation from an interview with French magazine "One" (prob done late February 2007), Jared described what he had done in the 2006 hiatus:

Jared: Last year at the same time, all I was thinking about was: I'm gonna sleep for 3 entire months. But finally, I attended the diploma ceremony of my brother, who finished his medicine studies, I went to my best friend's wedding, I celebrated my little sister's 21st birthday and I traveled around the world, including China.

In an interview with KTLA, Jared says he travelled with his brother and sister-in-law.

May 7:
In London to promote Supernatural, Jared and Jensen do an interview with Norwegian magazine "TOPP". It's safe to say they didn't think anyone back home would read it...
Q: The most famous celebrity you have made out with...

Jared: That has to be Jensen [laughs]
Jensen: You wish

Q: What's the first thing you do in the morning?

I masturbate to the Tom Cruise poster I have on my bedroom wall, says Jared and everyone cracks up.
And you say I'm gay, says Jensen, while Jared looks nervously at us taking notes. Are you going to print this?, he asks with worry.
No, seriously. I get up and drink a lot of water, work out and then masturbate [laughs]. No, I like to run about an hour every day. If it was as healthy to masturbate I'd rather do that for an hour. No, don't write that. Jensen can't stop laughing and has to pull himself together before he can answer the question.
I press the snooze button on my alarm clock and go back to sleep.

Q: Do you walk around the house naked?

Yes, they both reply and say it's the most natural thing in the world. Something we'll agree with.
I love walking around the house naked, says Jensen.
But not while [it's] erect. That's uncomfortable. It's just wobbling around, so I put my boxers on to keep it in check. Jared looks at Jensen to see if he agrees.

No, I don't mind. I love walking around freely. Why lock it up when you're at home? That's one of the few places where you can draw some fresh air. Time to change the subject.

May 7:
Jensen interview with AOL:
On how life in Vancouver keeps him out of the "Hollywood" life:

Yeah, I'm just not into all of that. I see all the red carpet paparazzi stuff and I'm like, "Really? Do I have to?!" I like to work and I know that's part of the job. But you kind of take it in stride.
But at what cost to your career? I'm sure agents, managers and publicists would love to see you in 'US Weekly' more often.
It's not a strong position I hold against any of that, and at some point it's fun. It's fun to get dressed up and take your girlfriend to a big event somewhere. But for the most part, I work so hard that I want to spend my off-time just for me. I think that people are very much in control of how much they are in the public eye. You see these pictures of guys with their shirts off running through Malibu, but they know what they're doing. I think it's silly to think they're just getting caught by the cameras. If you put yourself out there, you're going to get your picture taken.

May 17:
Supernatural confirmed for its second season on The CW at the Upfronts.

Jensen by Michael Muller

June 6: Jensen does a very creative photoshoot with Michael Muller

June 7:Surprise Tom Welling from kristen online repost of original source

Tom Welling "Supernatural and Smallville actually shoot a block away from each other, and I'm really good friends with Jensen and Jared. Last season, at one point, I actually got off a little bit earlier than they did, and I went down to their set. They weren't there yet, and I knew some of the people on set, because they had worked on Smallville, so I jumped in the backseat of their car, and if you've seen the show, you know they're always driving their car and they're pullin' in to places and getting out of their car. So, I get in the backseat, and they were in a big hurry because they were late getting to set--very unprofessional--and they jumped in the car very quickly 'cause the crew was yelling 'We're already rolling, go, go, go.' And just as they jumped in, I reached over, and I grabbed Jensen, and I pulled him into the backseat, and he didn't know what was going on. He thought it was his stunt double, so he started hittin' me, so I started hittin' him back. And then when he realized who was who, they said 'Action,' so he jumps in the front seat, we tear down this alley, he pulls into this bar and all three of us jumped out, and we all walked into this bar, and as we walked in, the door closed and we heard 'Um...cut?' They didn't know what was goin' on. So, I made an appearance on Supernatural. I believe I was edited out."
Priestly buys tampons

June 17: Shooting begins in San Pedro, Los Angeles for Ten Inch Hero in which Jensen co-stars with friend Danneel Harris, with whom he also made The Plight of Clownana. Shooting for the the indie romantic comedy finished on July 9.
from the DVD extras

Danneel: And Jensen, who plays Priestly, has actually been one of my friends for like four years. So...we just happen to get to do a movie together and we're super excited about it. Every scene that we have he looks at me and he's like, 'We're in a movie together. Isn't that weird?' And I'm like, 'Yes, stop talking about it!'

July 7:
Supernatural is nominated for two Emmy Awards for original score and sound editing.

Jared and Jensen conduct a raffle for all the extras on set during 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

July 12:Season 2 begins shooting

July 28:
An open call for extras for 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown results in some fan reports here and here from a sunny day on set.

Early August:
Jared breaks his wrist filming a stunt in 2.03 Bloodlust. According to Robert Singer, he broke it during hiatus and re-injured during the stunt).

He had a real injury. He broke his wrist over hiatus and didn’t take care of it as well as he might and then on the vampire episode when they attack him in the motel room and the guy hits him over the head and he falls, he fell on it and that was that. Two days later he was in a cast.

It isn't confirmed broken till filming has begin on 2.04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, so for continuity purposes he must film the whole episode without a cast. Sam wears the cast from 2.05 Simon Said through to 2.11 Playthings. In an interview asked: How are you coping with Jared Padalecki's injury and working that into the story?

Kripke: Ah, Jared. We're making it work. Luckily, he gets in fights every episode so it is easy for him to break his hand. It turns out the zombie breaks his hand. I'm glad he's OK, and I'm glad it all worked out, but I do have to say there is a part of me that wished he broke his hand a little earlier because it would have made so much more sense to come out of the car crash with the broken arm. He survived getting T-boned by a semi going full speed, but a zombie broke his hand? We do what we always do — we made a joke out of it and we had Dean give a funny reaction. Not once does it get in the way of the story.

August 20: Jared and Jensen are presenters at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards and we get to see Jared's knees.

September 5: Season 1 DVD released

? September KTLA Interview with Jared
Jared talks about filming in Vancouver, and how Canadian TV describes 'Supernatural' as "The O.C." with ghosts. he also talks about his home in LA and whether he'd buy a place in Vancouver and the news reader's legs.

Jensen and Kristen Bell admire Jared's dance moves

September 18 The CW has a launch party and the world turns green! Not surprisingly Jared glomps Jensen, and we see Jared and his dogs and Jensen mountain biking in a special feature, Jensen actually gets to talk about the show, Jared shows off his broken wrist. The boys take the time to freshen their breath.

September 28:
Season Two premieres with 2.01 In My Time of Dying

October 6:
is interviewed by TV Guide and answers questions about the fate of John Winchester, the secret he told Dean and the age-old questions about Dean's amulet and the bleeding eyes in Bloody Mary.

October 6: Steel Wheels
Pics appear from a photoshoot Jensen did for the November issue of "Men's Fitness". The shoot was done in the scrap yard which featured as Bobby's place in 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown.

October 26:
Jensen is interviewed on Megan Mullally. Includes the The Bee Story!!!

November 13 Jensen does a rather wanton photoshoot with TV Guide.

Jared at the celebrity poker tournament

December 1: The Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean
In an interview with Mary Borsellino of Sequential Tart Sera Gamble gives a defining quote about the show.

Eric Kripke's offered a variety of answers in interviews as to what Supernatural is for him, the most often-quoted probably being "Star Wars in truck stop America". Is that the interpretation you approach it with, or do you have a different take?
Sera Gamble: I sometimes say it's "the epic love story of Sam and Dean," but that's just to tease Eric. Yes, I do keep the "Star Wars on Route 66" thing in mind. However huge the scope of Star Wars got, it never stopped being a personal story that was very simple and family-centered at its core.

December 2: On December 2, 2006, Jared plays in the Bodog Fight celebrity poker tournament in Canada against poker champ Jamie Gold. (More pics here). He was awarded with a Giantto Watch and an entry into the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event. Source