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Jensen pushes the Network Ten dot
  • Season 2 resumes shooting in early January.
  • 2.10 Hunted is the first episode broadcast for the year on January 11, 2007.

Jan 1: In Australia we actually got the boys wishing us Happy New Year!

Jan 14: The famous Dot Pushing promos start airing in Australia making the rest of the word admire Aussie TV for the first and possibly last time. We learn that Jensen believes in scary ex-girlfriends and Jared likes to keep a very open mind.

Jan 19: At the TCA Winter Press Tour, and there wasn’t a pink shirt in sight as the boys turned out looking fine in classic black and white.
from the transcript of the Supernatural panel:

Eric on the writer's room:

...It's twisted and so much fun. Just to give you a snapshot of my morning, even this morning we were looking at these photos that our effects guys up north sent us of dummies with eviscerated chests, open rib cages and all the gore inside, and Bob and I are like, "Do you think that wound is too big? Would the werewolf tear off their face but take out the heart?" And then you're playing that, and meanwhile down the hall are editing suites that three episodes are getting cut at any one time. There's always endless screams from the cuts that are coming out...We gotta go into the room to figure out the best way to kill somebody this week. And every so often we look at each other and we can't believe this is our job. We love it.

CW party TCA Winter Press Tour 2007

Jared (on working with Jensen):... Like I've definitely worked with my share of people -- and I'm sure he has too -- that I'm just like, "Oh, man, I'm going to work again. I've just got to keep my tongue in my mouth and don't say anything that's going to come back to bite me or just shut my mouth and do my work." But we have a great time.

Jensen: I think it's also just the common love we share for the show. We really look out for each other when we're working with guest directors or whatnot. And I think that it's just that we truly want this to be a great program. So when we're working, if I see something that he's doing or he sees something that I'm doing, there's this, you know, very open relationship. We're able to talk to each other, be like, "Hey, let's do this. Let's lock this down. Let's get this going. I think we're missing a beat here." So it's really neat to have that relationship with your costar."

Jensen: It's a full, full-time job. And we actually have to make an effort to go do something, to go and relax. A few weeks ago, he and I went down to Seattle to catch the Cowboys game. We're both Cowboys fans. That was something that we had planned, and it was great. We had a great time, but that was our Saturday.

Jared (on whether he finds the show scary): "To me I'm dealing with it day in or day out. I'm like, 'Oh, yeah. Jensen was grabbing my butt in that picture.' I'm sorry to sell you out. (Laughter.) That was a hypothetical."

Jan 24 The future of Supernatural Kripke spoke to Michael Ausiello of TV Guide on the possibility of a third season for Supernatural:

Save supernatural.jpg
Your guess is as good as Kripke's. When I spoke with him, he put the show's chances at "solidly, solidly 50-50," then offered his "honest attitude," which, frankly, was the last thing I expected from anyone at press tour. "I wish we had a million to a half-million more viewers," he admitted. "I think those X-Files fans are out there. We're just struggling to get the word out that there's an X-Files-quality show on the CW. And it's hard to get the viewers who are not watching Grey's Anatomy or CSI. We're sort of the odd duck on the network, so we're trying to let people know that there's a hard, sci-fi-genre show that just happens to be on the CW." Should the show get picked up for a third season, Kripke already has an arc story in mind to scare up those X-philes he wants so badly. "We keep talking over and over about how there's a war that's about to begin between demons and humans, and things keep feeling like they're going to escalate higher and higher," he observed. "In the season finale of Season 2, definitively, the war begins, and the boys spend much of Season 3 scrambling, with things getting worse and worse."

This article galvanised Supernatural fandom into action. Through the Livejournal community Promote SPN fans coordinated to raise the profile of the show, commenting on media blogs and sending postcards to TV reviewers. Within a month Matt was crying "Enough" after being inundated with postcards from Super Fans.

March 14: Jensen appears on Jimmy Kimmel and most of us feel as uncomfortable as he looks. Crazed Jensen girls scream and Kimmel interviews with the finesse and insight of a turnip. Screencaps here at

Jensen has lunch; Jared has LUNCH!!11
March 15: TV Guide Interview with Jared where he talks about his love for video games and gives us this:
Jared: I've been playing Contra, Jensen and I…. Sometimes I'm like, "In my trailer, now!" and he comes in and we spend 25 minutes and beat Contra. Now we can move on with the day now that we've saved the world from the Contra.

March 26: Supernatural Postcard Campaigns runs a campaign to send postcards (d’oh) of appreciation to the cast and crew in Vancouver. Over 200 postcards are received, and the comm receives a photo of the boys and Cyrus Yavneh in front of them.

March 31: A number of TV bloggers are invited to the set during the filming of the finale.

When TV Addict visits the set, they witness Jared and Jensen playing up the Wincest...

There they sat at an ordinary kitchen table, Sam and Dean (Padalecki and Ackles, respectively) discussing recent events. While I’m not at liberty to reveal the topic of their conversation, suffice it to say that tempers were flaring. As voices raised, so to did emotions. Dean was, of course, in protective mode, while Sam did what he does best: bristled.
And then things took a most unexpected turn.

Sam and Dean gazed lovingly - dare I say longingly? - into one another’s eyes. Standing, Dean moved closer to Sam, raising his arm and reaching out as if to touch him softly, when suddenly…

“Cut!” yelled the director. “Okay, boys, now let’s do it seriously this time,” he said, no doubt relegating any footage which might bring to life some of the more lurid fan fiction lurking on the internet to the cutting room floor. (Or, perhaps, if we’re lucky, a future DVD blooper reel!) The talented thespians had, in fact, been ad-libbing a scene while the behind-the-scenes crew worked out the all-important details involving camera angles, lighting and sound.

Jared and Jensen during the bloggers visit to the set

April Jared is listed as a producer on the album "For her" by Brian Buckley.

April 7: From a TV Blog:

Jared: "Something's always got to be going on but he and I are both like, 'You know what, we're both here to make a project that we're passionate about, let's get our work done.'"

There are no rumors going around on set. We have fun on set. There's no... It's remarkable, being two guys from Texas who would probably be going for the same roles, I feel no competition with him. I feel like he's my biggest supporter and I know I'm his biggest supporter.

I am so happy after he just nails a scene. I'm like, "Dude. Rockin'." And he does the same for me and gives me credit where he thinks I deserve it and likewise. But also very constructive with criticism. Like, "Hey, you have a better one in you. Don't get lazy here or don't do that here." It's like, "Absolutely." Whereas someone else could say it, especially another actor you're working with, and you're like, "Are you the director now? Or the writer or producer or something?" But coming from him it's like, "Ok, cool."

He knows me, he's seen my acting more than any other person in this world because I'm acting with him constantly. And vice versa. I've seen him do hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of acting.

Jensen: I can tell when he's faking a line and it's just something to be able to have that luxury to call each other out on it - to be able to keep each other accountable, essentially - is really cool. I mean, it helps the show out.
Jared as Thomas Kinkade

April 9: While we’re thrilled when Jared lands a leading role in The Christmas Cottage alongside Peter O’Toole, there’s a general air of buzzah? that the role is as Thomas Kinkade – painter of kitsch. But of course Jared manages to bring sexy back to chunky hand knits.

April 18: ITV2 Interview with Jared and Jensen (unsure of original air date) Aside from some nervous knee scratching, Jensen is so relaxed and chatty that Jared keeps looking at him as if to say – who is this Jensen-bot? Also, try and watch it without getting mesmerized by Jensen’s crotch.

May 2: In a slightly creepy coincidence, Kripke's son is born on this day, the same date as Sam Winchester.

May 9: A promotional spot for sponsor Verizon produces some great quotes.

“I’m Jared Padalecki... and I like long walks on the beach.” “I’m Jensen Ackles... and I like ponies.”

and we hear about how they use their ride to work to wake up and run lines. Jensen says “it’s our little private time... we enjoy ourselves and relax…”

Jared: He’ll give massages a lot of the time when I get tense.
Jensen: He gets tense a lot.

HIATUS BETWEEN SEASON 2 AND 3 Jared films The Christmas Cottage and hosts Room 401 on MTV. Jensen attends Asylum 2007 and performs in A Few Good Men.

Translation from an interview with French magazine "One" = prob done late February (published in the April-May issue)

Jensen: I'm currently reading scripts in order to play in a movie during the summer. That will also be the opportunity to rest and to catch up on my sleep. Jared and I also have to go to Europe in May to promote the show. Apart from that, I intend to spend some time in Texas with my family and my friends.

Jared: Last year at the same time, all I was thinking about was: I'm gonna sleep for 3 entire months. But finally, I attended the diploma ceremony of my brother, who finished his medicine studies, I went to my best friend's wedding, I celebrated my little sister's 21st birthday and I traveled around the world, including China. So, this year, I intend to work and to find a script I like. Then, I'll start going for auditions hoping to find an interesting project.

May 13: Asylum Convention Although Jared was unable to attend, Jensen proved that he gave good convention - surviving flying fangirls and the usual embarrassing questions (although we did learn that it was Kim Manners who shared Wincest fic with the boys).

We got another recitation of The Bee Story and Jensen described the bee that stung him 'pumping and pumping into my ass'.

Jensen also mentions the watch he is wearing was bought for him by Jared. (later also seen in the Madden photos)

Jensen at Asylum 2007

Jensen joined Jason Manns on stage to sing Crazy Love.

Jensen related many anecdotes, including this one about filming 2.17 Heart:

"...[Jared] got himself so upset, and I hadn't seen him get that upset about something, and he was kind of in the corner, just kind of like rocking while they were setting up the light. And I always know to like you know leave him alone, and he does the same with me..."
When Jensen asked him what he was thinking about to get himself worked up, Jared said that he was thinking about if someone told him they had to put down his dogs. And he told him that right before Jensen had to do his coverage, so he was thinking about that, and looking at Jared's face - and that's why he got upset too. After they saw the episode, Jared turned to him and said "Thanks for stealing my scene asshole"

And also the tale of the one fight he and Jared have had on set.

...Jared stepped up to Jensen. Jensen stepped up to Jared in return. Jared got up in Jensen’s face. Jensen returned the favor and got right back in Jared’s face. Jensen then explained and proceeded to demonstrate the production crew’s reaction. He jumped back in his chair, looked very wide-eyed, covered his mouth with his hand and did a really loud, exaggerated gasp. He then said, Jared stormed off in the direction of his trailer and slammed the door. Jensen followed suit and stomped off to his trailer.

After a couple of hours he left his trailer, walked over to Jared’s, knocked on the door and they hugged it out.

May 17: No J2 at the CW Upfronts this year, but Jensen turns up at one of the parties looking scrummy.

May 17: The Season 2 finale 2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two airs.

May 22: Supernatural is renewed for a third Season.

June 5-10: A Few Good Men

Jensen and Lou Diamond Phillips

While fangirls flocked from all over to attend, after stern fandom discussions on theater etiquette, there was much speculation to whether Jared, who was in Vancouver filming The Christmas Cottage, would attend the play. He did, accompanied by Sandy on June 6. Despite cleverly disguising himself with a baseball cap, Jared was recognized by some fans. At the interval, he infamously offered to buy Jensen's father (whom he called Papa Ackles) some Skittles.

An overheard phone conversation between Jared and Jensen indicated that the visit had been a surprise. Jared then led a standing ovation at the end of the play.

It was not only Jared and us fans that loved Jensen. From the Daily Morning News:

Mr. Ackles who really sets off the fireworks in this A Few Good Men. He's slick and funny, but human underneath. His stage technique is nigh onto perfect – and this is a guy who's been working steadily on large and small screens for a decade.
Pink shirts are in fashion

June 20: Jensen and Danneel holiday in Japan. They attend the premier of Spiderman 3. According to an interview with a Japanese magazine while in the country he bought Jared a pair of jinbei. Yes, shortie pajamas.

July 7:Hollywood Life photoshoot by Allison Dyer. A celebration of the pink shirt.

July 15: Room 401 - Scary just got silly. Jared hosts Room 401 new MTV take on Punk’d

July 21: Interview with Jensen in a Japanese magazine:

Yes, I'm very shy, but I do my best to work around it. I know it may seem strange for an actor, but acting is a good way of overcoming this trait. It gives me the opportunity to open up more to others. Also, Jared helps me with this. He has a lot on his plate, poor thing.

Can you still remember when you first met Jared?

Oh yes, it was when we first read the script. I thought "Omg, he's so tall!" (laughs) We're both from Texas, we have a similar family background, and we both like the same kind of music. When we first met we instantly connected.

Do you and Jared often hang out after filming?

Oh yeah, quite often! Which means, we're filming about 12-15 hours a day, so there's not much time left for hanging out, is there? So mostly after filming, I just go home, prepare for the next day, get some rest. Furthermore, when shooting "Smallville" and "Dark Angel" I already spent most of my time in Canada and I still have many friends here, so I'm perfectly used to it. And yet, there are still many adventures in different places to be discovered...
However, Jared has become a real close friend to me. I was really surprised how close we've become during the show and it feels as if we already became "real" brothers and as if I'm watching my little brother growing up.

July 22: Fans blue_soaring and chichiri_no_da go to a night shoot of Supernatural. They get to chat with the boys and reveal Jared got drunk on his birthday and Jensen slept on his couch! Jared also loves candy and gets excited by clicky pens! And stuffs food in his mouth. Reports here and here.

July 24: Another report from the set via glendaglamazon as filming as restarted for Season Three.

Seems Jared was in to do some season promo filming and has come back with an addiction to the toy section of the Loonie Store (dollar store). He had a bag full of little plastic figures (animals, cartoon characters) with him and spent the day hot-gluing them to the brims of peoples hats. Literally throughout the day some crew member wearing a baseball hat would go running past with Jared hot on their heels waving around the hot-glue gun. SOMEBODY'S happy to be back at work, lol!

July 28: Comic Con 2007 in San Diego. Unfortunately Jared missed the Con as he was filming until 6am. But we got Jensen, Eric, Sera and the inimitable Ben Edlund

backstage at the Teen Choice Awards

Some great Jensen moments - he calls Kripke "Stinky", jokes about turning the Impala into the Batmobile, talks geek about how to make holy water. There is a great moment when Kripke is asked about the Impala, [Comic Con 2007 and Jensen provides all the details about the engine type] etc of the car - and Kripke is suitably impressed.

August 26: S2 gag reel finds its way onto the internet. So much gold. Split pants, boy touching, snarking, Jared failing at window opening and trading insults with Kim Manners.

August 27: Teen Choice Awards 2007.
Jared attends the Teen Choice Awards with Sandra McCoy. Photos from the red carpet and from the backstage Tiger Electronics Celebrity retreat
August 29: CW Affiliate Function.

CW Affiliate function - OMG! It's a lion

Jared attends a CW Affiliate function and cuteness overload ensues.

September 6: Men’s Fitness. Old photo of Jared but new quote:

I do big-muscle-group exercises, like the bench press and the squat. I'm not a fan of the machines. I'm 6'4", so I can't sit properly in them and get proper range of motion. So instead I go heavy and hard.

September 11: Season 2 DVDs are released. The commentary for 2.01 In My Time of Dying has Jared and Jensen with Kim Manners and Cyrus Yavneh.

September 28: CW Source Interviews. No J2 appearances or Supernatural for months so these snippets are like gold!!! Jared: Part One and Part Two and Jensen.
September 29
Fan account with pics and vids of the filming of 3.07 Fresh Blood
Oct 9: Article in French Magazine Series

Jared is known to be very generous to his loved ones and it seems to be very true as we can see in his behavior toward Jensen. Indeed, after buying him a PSP so that they could play together between takes, Jared also bought for his buddy a very nice watch. It's after noticing Jensen admire the watch he had bought for himself that Jared bought him the same one a few days later. Furthermore, Jared also bought him an electric-eye (a device used to measure light) for his birthday because Jensen is interested by photography. According to Jared: What's the point of having money other than making people around you happy?"

Oct 10: Jensen does a Q&A with Variety revealing he'd love to do a Western, that his porn name would be Pudgy Midway and that the first concert he ever went to was Michael Jackson, when he was six.

Oct 25: TV Guide Interview Jensen Part One

TV Guide: I hear you good buddies hit golf balls together. Who's better?
Ackles: Well, I definitely play a lot more than he does. In fact, I introduced him to it just a few months ago. I got him out there and I bought the biggest box of balls you could possibly find and he ended up losing every one of them, which was funny. He might beat me at hoops, because he's taller than me.

Part Two of the interview. Jensen refers coyly to his relationship with Danneel - "I've been dating somebody for about a year. She's an actress." and also

TV Guide: In what way are you most like Dean? Are you a sarcastic guy?
Ackles: Dean and I share a few qualities. Sarcasm is definitely one of them. Where we differ the most is the short temper before getting into a big confrontation. But when push comes to shove, I can easily turn into Dean.

TV Guide: Do you have a thing for vintage cars now, since you practically live on screen in that old Impala?

Ackles: I do, though not necessarily muscle cars. I'm more into four-wheeling. I just sold a '73 Bronco, all tricked out for off-roading. But after driving the Impala around so much, I'm getting the feeling of that good old muscle car, so I'm kind of in the market right now. I'm going to try to write into my contract to get one of these Impalas, so when the show's over, maybe I'll scoop it on up and get it styled.

Nov 1: TV guide interview with Jared Part One. Jared buys a house.

I actually just sold my home in Los Angeles and bought a home here in Vancouver under the sort of optimistic hope that Supernatural goes for a while. I've been renting here for the last two seasons and I have two big dogs and it was mean of me to not get them a yard.

Part two. What do you do in the few hours you're not working?
Padalecki: I'm not a big "going out" kind of guy. I'd rather stay at home and order pizza and watch a football game, play with my dogs, and then go out and go drinking. But every now and again Sandy and I will go out and get a bite to eat, or Jensen and I will go out to a movie or play a game of golf. But for the most part I'm just not into that, I'd much rather play guitar and go to a bar — I rhymed!

TV Don't you see enough of Jensen on set?
Padalecki: Not at all. We're really good buddies and that's been probably the best thing about Supernatural. In the last three years of my life, I've spent more time with Jensen Ackles than with any other human being and vice versa. Luckily, we get along really well and we are very similar guys. We're both from Texas, we both love our families, the same kind of music, and the Dallas Cowboys. It's been a huge blessing to work with somebody who is easygoing on set and who I'm friends with. We know he creams you at golf — what do you best him at?
Padalecki: Guitar Hero the video game, and basketball. I've got an unfair advantage. [Laughs]

Nov 2: Interview with Jensen in Australian paper. He is such a boy!

I do as much as I can. Just the other day, I was running down the alley, while getting shot at and I jumped up on the hood of a car, over the car on to a dumpster and jumped up in to a second storey apartment’s garage, while getting explosives popped off on my heels. But I love that stuff... We get banged up, with bruises and sore muscles or whatever, but nothing a little Tylenol (Panadol) won’t take care of.”

Nov 5: Writers Guild of America Strike
Writers for film and TV Shows, including “Supernatural”, began a strike after the breakdown of negotiations between the union and AMPTP - the association representing more than 350 production companies and studios which employ them.

When the strike commenced, episodes up until 3.12 Jus in Bello were written, and shooting continued on them until the Christmas break. Jensen mentioned at Salute to Supernatural L.A. 2008 that while Kripke still had input as a producer, he couldn't make any changes to the scripts or comment on it from a writers' point of view, which Jensen joked meant he could do what he liked!

Nov 11: New Jared interview with some interesting snippets.

“I don’t think there’s a harder job in television than one-hour episodic television,” Padalecki says. “We work 15-hour days, five or six days a week, for nine months at a time. But I’m not complaining—it’s allowed me to learn what it takes to keep me going. I was too shy at first to say I needed a day off. But I’ve had a meltdown in the past, so now I’m like, ‘Listen guys, it’s getting to be about that time.’ And they take me seriously because I don’t ask for things that I don’t need.”

“Calling me normal is the biggest compliment you can give me,” he says. “I grew up in Texas, and I think they’d probably kick my butt if I got too big-headed. I have my prissy boy, Hollywood moments, but [Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles] is also from Texas, and being around each other keeps us both in check. Every now and then we’ll be like, ‘Dude, you’re Hollywooding out.’ It’s a big blessing.”

“I hate to watch myself, I think I’m gross and disgusting, but this movie (Christmas Cottage) I’m looking forward to seeing.”

Nov 12: Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2007, the first Con attended by both Jared and Jensen.

pic by shannenb

Here’s a vid of the restaurant touching anecdote from runedgirl

from crazydiamondsue

At one of our "Hi, stranger!" smoke breaks, we met the woman who was in charge of the security detail/volunteers. She told us many amusing stories, but the best was that her daughter, a non-genre TV fan, had been given the duty of guarding the green room. Jared at one point poked his head out and the daughter said, "My mom said no one goes in this room and no one comes out!" Jared swallowed and said, "Well, can you ask your mom to come take me to the bathroom?"

from roguegambit26 at TWOP

Then, for the autograph, srwill convinced me to have them sign my Fandom Rocks tote bag and I'm so glad she did. When he saw that, he was like, "Oh Fandom Rocks, that's awesome." And then he's looking at the picture on the bag and moving his hand around trying to figure out where to sign. Then he's like, "Oh this is me," so he signs next to his silhouette and while he signing he tells me, "That's when I split my pants." I'm a total dork and so I just giggled and said, "I know." THEN he's like, "You know what my favorite part of that is? When Jensen laughs. He's got the best laugh there."

and this from idril_telrun

"(Jared's) favorite face is of Jensen during Bad Day at Black Rock when he is smiling at the restaurant. How he looks like a 5 year old and wanting to put him on your shoulder and give him chicken nuggets.

Hold me!

Jared also mentions his glee at watching the fanvid Supernatural - Charlie the Unicorn.

Nov 16 An Outsider's POV. From a radio interview with Lauran Cohen

"So you really have some attractive costars! How's that working out?"
"Oh, Jared and Jensen are great! They're such great guys, I really enjoy working with them."
"They have such a strong working dynamic on the show, how does that translate over?"

There's this very long pause, and then she's like:

"You know, they have such a... special relationship, I'm not sure I can - you know, they're just so close!"

Nov 22: Thanksgiving together.

"Jared's parents went to Vancouver over the Thanksgiving holiday, and (Jared’s mom) said they had a blast. Apparently there was lots of practical joking on set, which is always great. Maybe we'll see it on a blooper reel in the future. …Oh, and Jensen joined Jared and the parents for dinner, which was again hilarious, lots of laughing."

Nov 23: Sera Gamble talks to the CW Source in a three part interview:

CW Source: Who's your favorite character to write?
Sera Gamble: I don't really have one favorite character to write…

CWS: Please don't say they're all your children.
Sera: They're Eric's children; I just get to babysit every four episodes or so. I try to be a good nanny to them.

Dean always has a great comeback line, so it's always fun to write him. Dean's introduction to us in the pilot was him hitting on his brother's girlfriend, specifically pointing out her boobs. It set a tone for him that's really fun for me. I think that somewhere inside, I'm a chick, and I've got my inner goth girl and my inner gay guy and then I have this beer-swilling, cowboy-boot-wearing guy all the way underneath that, and he gets to come out to write Dean.

Nov 27: A Ten Inch Hero clip finally appears. Priestly buys tampons.
Dec 19: News via Mrs Padalecki that the Padaleckis are hanging out in Dallas for Xmas and are going to hang out with Jensen's family for some of it.