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July 1: Shooting starts on Season Five. (due to finish on March 29, 2010)

mid July Just before Comic Con 2009 Misha Collins falls from his bicycle while doing 55 mph (according to him). He reportedly had a bad scrape to one arm and was quite sore. He subsequently tweeted about the incident, and posted a picture he had taken WHILE IN THE AMBULANCE.

July 26: Comic Con 2009


Comic Con is attended by Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund, Misha Collins and Jim Beaver. There was much talk of Season Five. When asked about the response to religion in the show, Misha Collins joked that Eric Kripke is planning to turn Supernatural into a religion and Kripke agreed. "I'm gonna L. Ron Hubbard this shit!" he quipped with a laugh. Collins added, "Way better money than syndication."

Ben Edlund reflected on the show (spoilers in interview):

This is a thing that started with a deceptively simple premise of a muscle car and two beautiful men... who shoot ghosts, where the fuck did that come from? [Laughs.] They drive around a shoot ghosts, oooh classic rock! And I like this show, I like it, I love it.

August 4: Porn and fart jokes
Sera Gamble talks about the writers' room:

It's a really raunchy slightly pornographic room. I like it that way. We're kind of immature and we have Dean's sense of humor in the room. I'm very much included in that. I have the sense of humor of a twelve year old boy, that's why I work on the show.
Infphoto 1042588 jared.jpg

August 10 Up to Speed
The CW - not known for active promotion of the show - air "Up To Speed" a two and a half minute spot designed to catch viewers up on the mytharc, in advance of the Season 5 premiere.

There is also another promo released featuring clips from the first three Season 5 episodes and the song O Death sung by CW staffer Jen Titus.

August 11 Hot and I mean HOT off the plane

August 18

August 19 Laughs and Farts

August 25
Following strong fan reaction to the announcement of the casting of Paris Hilton earlier in the month, she arrives in Vancouver to film 5.05 Fallen Idol.She also tweeted during filming the episode.

August 28-30 Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2009
The first Supernatural Con is held in Vancouver. Many fans took the chance to tour previous Shooting Locations themselves, or as part of an official tour. The Con organisers attempted to control questions by having them pre-screened, but first Misha and then Jared broke with the protocol. This did result in Jared being asked a confrontational question about PETA and its ethics, which he handled admirably. There was also a report that Jared and Jensen feel that auto and photo sessions are getting rushed and want to spend more time with fans Source. Jim Beaver, at the end of the COn, signed autographs for six hours straight - until 2am! Highlights of the Con included:

  • Traci Dinwiddie tweets from the Con including [ pics} of the audience. Hey - just who's watching who?
  • Misha Collins instructs his minions to bring eggs to his session. and is slightly surprised when they do!
  • Jim Beaver busted a move at the dessert party
  • A number of the Supernatural crew were in attendance and enjoyed meeting fans.
  • On the question of whether the characters of Sam and Dean are Jared and Jensen's or the writers', Jensen said "Sera Gamble thinks Sam is hers".
  • Jensen saying that Dean started off with more Jensen characteristics but had evolved. He then asked Danneel what she thought and added "She likes Dean better anyways."
  • Women giving Misha their eggs. Freudian symbolisim we has it.
  • Misha talking about Dean/Castiel/pie.

August 30

I have every intention of ending the story with a bang and not drawing it out or watering it down. That having been said,” Kripke continues, “I’m looking at this season as the last chapter in this particular story. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a new story."


September 1: Season 4 DVD released
Stock sold at Target features a disc with material from Comic Con 2008, and that at Best Buy came with a "lenticular" cover.

September 6 From FrenchSeries Mag N°59. Jensen talks about Season 5. He also says when asked if he and Jared still get on in this fifth season:

Yeah ! I know people are surprised about this but there is no fighting on the set and no jealousy between us, we really became brothers. Besides our girlfriends are friends too so we can hang around together you know, all the four of us. I think Jared and I will be friends for life once the series is over.

He mentions his sadness over the death of Kim Manners, and also AGAIN talks about how he's love to do a Western-episode "I really hope to see the brothers riding horses to chase demons before the end of the series".

September 10: Season Five premiere #luciferiscoming
The Season Premiere is proceeded by Supernatural fans getting both God and Lucifer banned from Twitter. Read about all the action - complete with screencaps and graphs!!

September 14 Eric - why don't you have JDM on speed dial?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan says he'd love to return to Supernatural especially if this is the last season.

September 21 Gone but not forgotten.
Kim Manners death is overlooked in the traditional "obituary roll call" at the Emmy's. Kim wouldn't have been surprised. He once said when asked about Supernatural's chance of getting an Emmy:

I directed 53 episodes of The X-Files and never had a nomination for an Emmy. We won 2 Golden Globes, we were never nominated for best drama Emmy. The people that run the TV industry truly think that this is just Sci-Fi nonsense," he says. "Today, if you’re not doing Desperate Housewives or some stupid legal show or a guy with a cane who’s running a hospital, you don’t have a ‘great’ show.
On a bicycle built for 2 in Dallas

September 22Bicycle built for two.
Danneel posts a pic on Twitter of her and Jensen on a tandem bike. Tandem bikes must be the "in" thing, as Jared and jensen were featured riding one in the opening credits of 5.08 Changing Channels

October 6
Entertainment Weekly names Supernatural as one of the 25 top cult TV shows of all time. And only the Supernatural fandom is picked out for the fans creativity:

Why It's Cult: Because some members of the show's small but passionate fanbase have taken to writing fan fiction. And any show that inspires people to want to continue the heroes' adventures on their own time qualifies as cult. (We'll not mention that some of that fan fiction has the Winchester brothers doing things that brothers shouldn't be doing. It's called Wincest. Nuff said, ja?) —Marc Bernardin

Of course this sorta makes it sound like we invented fan fiction or that only these rarefied cult shows have fanfic written about them. Dear EW maybe we should send you some American Idol fanfic.

October 10 Star interview with Jared and Jensen
Translation of a Dutch interview yields some wonderful inisghts into Jared and Jensen - and how they view each other.

Jared: You know something else he does? He gets over things real easy. I once watched in amazement how he was scolded by a producer and then simply said: 'Are you done? Let's go get a beer now.' I am much more of a thinker and really have to take things in and deal with what was said.
Jensen: But on the other hand you can be like that too. You are modest and relaxed and also avoid fights. And you're one of those guys who wants to be left alone to do his own thing. You're not that much of a softy.

On being vain:

Jared Vancouver Airport Oct 2008 .jpg

Jensen: Oh right, thanks, again! I used to be a model. Because of that I'm trained to care about the way I look. Or better put; to be aware of what I look like. I love good suits and, yes, my hair needs to be cool before I leave the house. That's it. I'm not the kind of person that goes to a beauty salon.
Jared: When it comes to clothes I'm not that vain, really. I wear what I like and usually that's whatever I find in the morning when I look around my bedroom. Like today: I'm wearing a beany because of an incredibly bad hairday and I'm not wearing anything special, am I? But I do make a big deal about my body. My biggest fear is to become fat.

Added bonus: in the post with the translation, Stephanie Ware appears and accuses the poster of being Danneel Harris!

October 12 Leaving (or arriving) on a jet plane
The paparazzi have been staking out Vancouver airport in the hope of catching pics of the stars of the sparkly vampire movie that is shooting north of the border. And sometimes they are lucky enough to catch Jared leaving or Jensen arriving.


October 22 Drinking with Misha
A loltastic flirtatious interview with Misha by Korbi Ghosh of Zap2It. Misha says this about reading slashfic:

So there's these fan conventions..and I've mentioned it in the Q & A things and you can sense the whole audience tensing up. they don't want you talking about this weird, slash fiction weird pervy stuff they get up to. So i do like to bring it up for that reason.

5th November Let's party
Richard Speight comments on celebrations for the 100th episode.

I think they are planning a big shindig in honor of #100. I should hope so. That’s a heck of an accomplishment. I hear there is a band made up of crew members that are planning to play the party. Word is, several other folks are going to sit in, including Jensen and executive producer Robert Singer (apparently he blows a mean harmonica). Should be a fun night. I’ll be watching the mailbox for my invitation.

Later spoilers hinted at the plot for the episode - 5.18 Unaired Episode - but rumours started by Buddy TV that Jensen was to direct the episode proved false.

9th November Engagaed!
Photos and Video of Jensen and Danneel at the races (26th Annual Breeder's Cup Horse Race in California).

Following the photos, it was confirmed that Jensen and Danneel were engaged, with the news first announced on the ironically named celebrity site Just Jared, and confirmed shortly after by Danneel on her Twitter.

14th November Puppy Dog Eyes
Jared is featured in People Magazine doing rescue work for "A Dog's Life".


13-15th November Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2009
A Con of much fun and hilarity including:

  • Misha joked about studying piles of fanfic. Said he commented on a few and some were bad and that people knew who he meant.
  • A running gag between Misha and Richard Speight about "pumpkin colored bikini briefs", including Richard crashing Misha's panel. And later Misha crashed Jim's.
  • Traci Dinwiddie wearing a defaced Castiel t-shirt.
  • Aldis, Alona and Julie also awesome and Con-virgin Rob Benedict won many new fans.
  • Someone asked Jared and Jensen about "all this ending" and Jensen, without missing a beat, says "well this (meaning the Cons) doesn't have to stop." And then both the boys really spoke beautifully about the relationship between us and them, and all of our relationship to the Show.
  • Rumours surface about Jared and Genevieve being engaged.
  • Maybe because the questions were moderated, Jared and Jensen got much more opportunity to talk about their acting, and they were very passionate about that, and about their characters. there are some great moments such as when they each slip into character, when they sound as invested in the characters they play as any rabid Sam or Dean girl, when they talk about the job of acting, and when they each talk about working with Kim Manners.

19 November
The last episode for the season 5.10 Abandon All Hope... airs. Samantha Ferris blogged about the emotional end for her and Alona Tal.

24 November Snaps from The Huff
TV Critic Ed Martin in The Huffington Post describes Supernatural as "one of the best shows on TV". He goes onto praise the stars saying "Week after week, Padalecki and Jensen shift gears between exciting action sequences, powerful dramatic confrontations and side-splittingly funny moments with equal aplomb."

27-28 November
Collectormania London 2009 in London features Misha Collins and Julie McNiven. Misha said he'd read some fanfic but stopped when he got to the bit where "Cas choked on a cock", and also suggested Bibby/Impala with tailpip action as a fanfic promp, Julie wore a minions badge and a halo. Jason Momoa popped into the panel to ask Julie what doing a sex scene with Jensen was like. Misha's mum videoed the whole thing. Yep, just your average Supernatural convention.

2 December
Misha posts a picture of himself naked.

Misha at Collectormania

5/6 December
Jim Beaver (@jumblejim) tweets during the filming of 5.14 Unaired Episode about the shoot, but also gives a running commentary over 2 days on a silent Tarzan movie serial.

13 December
Supernatural is picked up for syndication by TNT, with airing to start from 4 January 2010.

14 December
Jensen's appearance in IMDB's Top 100 stars as rated by STARmeter is discussed in a New York Times blog.

16 December
Shooting finishes for 2009.

14/17 December
Top Tens for 2009
Supernatural makes the Top TV Shows for 2009 for:

18 December Misha joins with his minions to raise money for charity under the name Minion Stimulus website

31 December Rumours of a February wedding for Jared and Genevieve show up on celebrity gossip site onnotheydidnt