Suzy Lee

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Name Suzy Lee
Carmelita (stage name)
Actor Susie Abromeit
Location Hartford, South Dakota
Occupation Chastity counselor
Episode(s) 9.08 Rock and a Hard Place


Suzy Lee is an ex-porn star, and current chastity counselor at the Good Faith Church in Hartford, South Dakota.


9.08 Rock and a Hard Place

Dean and Sam first come in contact with Suzy at a purity meeting. Afterwards, Dean, believing to know Suzy from somewhere, strikes up a conversation with her and Suzy suggests some books to help Dean with his newfound chastity. This prompts Dean to offer to walk her home and, when they reach Suzy's apartment, Dean attempts to woo her (which he fails at), and the two end up praying for the missing group members. When Suzy excuses herself, Dean comes across some Casa Erotica DVDs that Suzy starred in as "Carmelita," and realizes that is where he knows her from. When Suzy returns, she and Dean discuss her past, with Suzy wanting to distance herself from it, and Dean telling her she doesn't need to be embarrassed about her past.

One thing leads to another and Suzy and Dean break their purity pledge, prompting Vesta to arrive and kidnap them, and place them in an underground bunker with the rest of the missing group members.