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Sweet Charity is a multi-fandom auction organsied by LithiumDoll to raise money for charity. Fans become a "ho" putting up their wares to be won by the highest bidder. Any fan made creation is allowed - from fics and vids, to graphics, rec lists, and crafts.

Auctions are run each year in March and September. The first auction of the year will always be for RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network), the second will be for a charity chosen by poll.

  • January 2008: Sweet Charity is running A Very Special Sweet Charity - fans auction their writing, vidding, art and craft talents to fund raise in support of those affected by the writer's strike.

In 2007, there was some controversy through the involvement of the Supernatural fandom, as some people felt that it was inappropriate to raise money for RAINN through the auction of stories featuring Wincest. Sweet Charity's official response on the matter is:

Sweet Charity doesn't take responsibility for what people choose to offer, and I'll only remove things that are clear-cut illegal (Soviet tanks, WMD or kidneys? No).
But I do very much understand that it's a matter of taste (or perceived lack of taste) or .. yes, okay, I'm talking about the Wincesters with the RAINN auction.
Enough beating around the bush - the irony is not lost nor is the controversy of it.
There are two very valid sides of the argument, for and against, which I'm not about to lay out here. Several people have asked my opinion on it but my opinion, frankly, is neither here nor there. I facilitate the existence of auction, I don't presume to act as nanny or put my opinions above those of the Hos.
If you are uncomfortable taking part in an auction - for whatever reason - that is entirely respected and understood, and I hope another auction comes along you do feel you can take part in.