TCA Winter Press Tour 2007

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The Television Critics Association (or TCA) is a group of approximately 200 United States and Canadian writers who cover television online and in print. Twice a year, in winter (January) and summer (July) the TCA gather in Los Angeles area at conferences at which television networks showcase their programming.

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  • Dawn Ostroff declined to confirm whether Supernatural would get a third season
  • Transcript of the Supernatural panel with Jared, Jensen, Eric Kripke and Bob Singer that mainly concentrated on the show, but we got a classic Jared comment when asked whether he found it scary to watch the show:

Jared: I'm like, "Oh, yeah. Jensen was grabbing my butt in that picture." I'm sorry to sell you out.

Eric on the show's mytharc:

Yeah, I'll speak to it. Then if Bob wants to add to that, because we couldn't do it without the two of us figuring this out. Mythology-wise, I would say we're pretty much on track with what we wanted. We started with about a -- I'd say a two-and-a-half-, three-year plan of what mythology reveals we want to do. I'd say we're actually cruising along in that story right where we thought we would be. And at this point we've kind of now broken through season 3, and we're talking about season 4 mythology at this point. So we're right along that track. I mean, some things duck and move and change and adjust but the big road map has been the same.

But versus season 1, you know, we feel -- in our own opinion, we feel it's a better series than it was season 1. Bob and I sat down at the beginning of this year, and we said, "All right, there's a lot to be proud of season 1, but we want season 2 to be better. And how can we do that?" And we wanted the stories to be more vital, and we wanted to say more interesting things, and we wanted to take some more chances and really try to step up our game. And I don't know if the audience feels we've done that, but we feel we've done that. We're incredibly proud of the product. So I would say the big thing about season 2 is we learned a lot of mistakes from season 1. We learned not to do bugs and wendigos and monsters that look really cheesy on camera. And I think we figured out how to hone our game a little bit. 

Eric on the writer's room - twisted or fun?:

It's both. It's twisted and so much fun. Just to give you a snapshot of my morning, even this morning we were looking at these photos that our effects guys up north sent us of dummies with eviscerated chests, open rib cages and all the gore inside, and Bob and I are like, "Do you think that wound is too big? Would the werewolf tear off their face but take out the heart?" And then you're playing that, and meanwhile down the hall are editing suites that three episodes are getting cut at any one time. There's always endless screams from the cuts that are coming out. So there's rooms where the actress or there's screaming coming out here. We are looking at gory pits. We gotta go into the room to figure out the best way to kill somebody this week. And every so often we look at each other and we can't believe this is our job. We love it.

Jared and Jensen on working together:

JARED PADALECKI: Yeah. I think as far as -- I think it was pretty effortless. I don't think -- it was probably by design of these guys. We're pretty similar. We have similar interests and similar hobbies, and we're both pretty laid-back guys. We take our work very seriously. We like to work on our characters and like to have a good time and like to keep the mood on the set fun. And we just got -- we just clicked. Like I've definitely worked with my share of people -- and I'm sure he has too -- that I'm just like, "Oh, man, I'm going to work again. I've just got to keep my tongue in my mouth and don't say anything that's going to come back to bite me or just shut my mouth and do my work." But we have a great time. We have a fantastic crew up in Vancouver, and it's just been pretty organic.

JENSEN ACKLES: I think it's also just the common love we share for the show. We really look out for each other when we're working with guest directors or whatnot. And I think that it's just that we truly want this to be a great program. So when we're working, if I see something that he's doing or he sees something that I'm doing, there's this, you know, very open relationship. We're able to talk to each other be like, "Hey, let's do this. Let's lock this down. Let's get this going. I think we're missing a beat here." So it's really neat to have that relationship with your costar.