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In this Episode didn't Supernatural basically establish their version of Limbo? I mean Crowley explains that where Sam will be talking with Lucifer is in Limbo which is a certain part of Hell. I mean should we possible consider either creating a page for it for the site or at least adding a section on the Hell Main Page for this certain part of Hell. In the end I was just wondering what should be done about that certain bit of new Supernatural Mythology that was revealed in the Episode and how it will eventually be added to the site here.

From Rod12

No, Crowley just referred to it as a "limbo," they are still in Hell, it's just the furthest reaches. Mikael (talk)

Thank you for clearing this up this makes a little more sense because name dropping such a big mythological location that casually it threw me off when I first saw the Episode. I mean you would have to think if Supernatural did end up eventually introducing their version of Limbo there would be a bigger story arc for the reveal of that type of Supernatural Location. Thanks again for the help in answering this question for me.

From Rod12