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The jagged looking teeth may be throwing people off, but the monsters were all vampires this episode. But if you look close, you can see that the teeth are vampire and not werewolf, in addition to the monsters not wearing wolf contacts or having claws. They are clearly meant to be vampires.

Werewolf - 14.01

Vampire - 14.03 Vampire - 2

Mikael (talk)

Hi there (sorry if I'm doing this wrong...) The werewolf pic is from 14.02, and in 14.02 Michael also gave that "superserum" or whatever it was to the werewolf alpha, and the wolves that attacked Sam, Mary, and AU Bobby just before Dean returned were also immune to standard silver bullets (and almost everything else short of beheading). I wasn't so much looking at the presence or absence of contacts (because the wolves in 14.02's final fight didn't have weird eyes, or maybe that was just the dim lighting?), but at their behavior (scenting the air to follow Kaia's trail from her camp), which I don't really think of as a vamp trait. But I concede here. They're Michael's mutated monsters (it would've been more meta-interesting to me if they were werewolves). Thanks, and sorry for being a pest about it.

Their teeth (non retractable, and bulkier than vampire teeth, but finer than werewolf fangs), scenting as mentioned above and lack of reaction to silver and dead man's blood, indicates they are a mutation, possibly even hybrid between werewolves and vampires, with a dollop of Micahel's grace. Until we know more, i suggest we refer to these creatures simply as monsters or Michael's monsters. Missyjack (talk)