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Doesn't the X-File theme and The Close Encounter theme count as music?

Is it the same

Ground Control to Major Tom by David Bowie

David Bowie doesn't have a song with that title. The lyrics to Space Oddity contain the phrase "Ground control to Major Tom...", though. That character figures quite prominently in quite a few of David Bowie's songs as well as a lot of popular culture. matrael 20:46, 3 September 2011 (UTC)
Yes, the official title is Space Oddity, though a lot of people refer to it by the first line. MisterGlass 00:12, 4 September 2011 (UTC)
Absolutely, and that is quite a common occurrence throughout music where people can only remember parts of the chorus or the refrain. I have heard it a lot after working in radio for some time. ;-) I was just aiming to be accurate and answer the question posed by the unsigned user. matrael
Oops! I misread it and thought you posed the question for clarification :) --MisterGlass 01:01, 4 September 2011 (UTC)

UFO & Fairy Similarities and Signs of a fairy

These entities share certain critical characteristics with the modern UFO “aliens”

Appearance While both fays and “aliens” apparently come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and species, the most common form of each are small and humanoid with, large heads and eyes, small and thin bodies, and grayish or brownish skin.

Mental Powers Fays and “aliens” alike have remarkable power over the human mind; both seem to paralyze, confuse, delude, and mislead humans more or less at will. Many reported close encounters with “aliens” also describe distortion of conscience, especially relating to time, that have strong parallels to faery folklore

Relation to “Other World” Location

The idea that Fays come from another world entirely echoes that of the modern UFO lore, though modern term defines “Other worlds” in terms of physical planets somewhere in space as opposed to the faery tradition of hollow hills and underground kingdoms.

Relation to Human Reproduction

According to alien-abduction accounts from the last two decades or so. UFO 'aliens”, seem obsessed with human reproduction: it has been alleged that they are engaged in some sort of inter-species breeding program to enhance their race, Again parallel to the changeling theme of faery lore (alleging faeries kidnap human infants to strengthen their own faltering bloodlines), Faery lore also also tells of adults being kidnapped or visited at night for “breeding” purposes.

Relation to Flying Craft and Lights

Several different traditions of faery lore speak of “flying craft” such as the Tuatha de Danaan of Irish faery folk who are said to have come to Ireland in flying ships. In records from early medieval France, the Magonia also had flying ships. Many accounts claim that the fay themselves can fly, in fact, some are described in lore as taking on the appearance of luminous flying spheres.

Relation to Human Cultural Patterns

It's a common feature of faery lore and UFO lore alike that both entities seem to echo human ideas and cultural fashion to an uncanny degree.

The Signs that Point to an Actual Case of Faery Activity:

■One or more entities corresponding either to local faery lore or modern UFO lore are encountered by human beings

■The entity behaves in ways that do not correspond within the normal capabilities of incarnate human beings (ghosts) or of physical matter(skin walker) (for example, it changes shape or vanishes into thin air), but relate closely to the powers attributed to fays in folklore

■The entity van pass readily through solid matter, and if it is struck with a nonmetallic object or a metal that does not absorb etheric charges effectively (such as lead), has no apparent effect on it,

■However, the entity avoids iron, running water, and other etheric barriers

The people of Faery have no particular reason to love us or wish us well, and many good reasons to fear us, to mistrust us, and even to hate us.

Any direct dealing with faery entities thus risks serious dangers! The unpredictability of fays is legendary all over the world.

The faery folk will help those who help them, and if they are treated with respect and honesty they have powerful blessings to offer.