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In 1.01 (Pilot) the Impala was also taken over by a Ghost and chased both Sam and Dean.


Discussion Question: In 1.22 (Devil's Trap) Sam draws an anti-possession charm on the Impala's trunk, much to Dean's dismay. Transcript excerpt: Sam flips to another page of the book. He sees a symbol and picks up the book to walk to the open trunk lid. He rubs off the dirt and starts to draw on the lid. Dean: Dude, what are you drawing on my car! Sam: It’s called a Devil’s trap. Demons can’t get through it or inside it.

Therefore, how was the Impala possessed in Season 6? It could be argued that the Impala has been rebuilt more than once since 1.22, but what professional hunters WOULDN'T re-draw their anti-possession charms when finishing up their car's detailing?


They also draw a devil's trap on the inside of the trunk in 3.01 (Magnificent Seven) so that, when they throw Envy in, he can't escape--I'm not sure if it's still there. But a devil's trap isn't the same as an anti-possession charm. Also, it wouldn't work on ghosts. Another interesting ghost moment: in 2.16 (Roadkill), they drive through Jonah Greely's ghost and the Impala loses power.


You're absolutely correct, Crossroadsdemon. I realized my mistake when I cross-referenced the Devil's trap with the anti-possession symbol. I was thrown off because they're both pentagrams surrounded by circles. I realized in retrospect that it wouldn't matter anyway if the Impala did have an anti-possession symbol, because that symbol only prevents demonic possession. This does raise the interesting question, however, about the difference between violent ghosts and demons.


In my mind, demons are just really f'ed up ghosts. They can be killed the same as ghosts (salting and burning their earthly remains), they have telekinesis, they can possess people, etc. And like ghosts, they're souls. But demons are souls that went to hell, got all twisted up, and then escaped hell. The only difference between them is the hell part--the suffering that demons' souls underwent in hell gave them extra evil powers. Only REALLY powerful ghosts can possess people. It's apparently easier to possess inanimate objects...

As far as the devil's trap on the trunk goes, it's not there in (3.14) Long-Distance Call. I got a clear view of it when I was rewatching tonight.