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Bobby Singer's Reaper

I was wondering should we have a page for The Reaper in this Episode because he is officially the 2nd Reaper ever to speak in the show besides Tessa and he was a big part of the episode. Also he was the 2nd Reaper besides Tessa to have a human appearance though you can count The Reaper who had a small appearance in Death Takes a Holliday Episode. I was overall wondering does anyone think that Reaper deserves to have his own page.

From Rod12

Sure - I think he's worth his own page. Just be aware there seem to be some issues uploading images at the moment. I have sent an request to our tech to investigate. cheers --Missyjack 15:02, 3 December 2011 (PST)

I just wanted to add. I throughout this episode I kept on saying, don't cry at the end. I just finished the episode and I am shedding manly tears right now. I'm also surprised no one pointed out that going deeper in dreams is all Inception.  :'( -EthanE