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Excellent source - my compliments to whoever found it. I discovered some errors in my pre-conceptions, which is always delightful and humbling. If anyone has any sources which evaluate Ms. Yronwode's authority, I'd love to see them.

May I offer two minor suggestions?

Suggestion 1: The first time through I was confused by the voice - I hadn't realized you'd shifted to a quote. I don't know if you have a convention for identifying quoted text, but I've frequently used:

text text text Citation

That has the advantage of setting off the quoted text and making the citation clearer. But I thought I'd ask before I made such a significant edit.

Suggestion 2: You may wish to provide a link to <a href="">Hoodoo History</a>. Obviously I was able to find the source from what you supplied, but I thought it might be useful to others who are looking for a source.

Thanks for you input! I've linked to the site, which is a great one for this area. For quotations we have a template that you can find at the Quotation template page

and I've now formatted the quotation accordiningly. cheers Missyjack

Copyvio removed

It is against the law to steal copyright pages. I have removed your theft. All of my pages have my sopyright specifically and explicitely stated on them and your use here was not auhorized and has accordingly been taken down. Please do not disrespect those whose writings you admre: write your own material -- DON'T STEAL. Thanks! catherine yronwode

Catherine - The text you have altered is text we took directly from the Official WB Site on a feature called the Pad of Definitions. I have included a link on the page to your great resource, but please be assured the text was not taken from you, unless by Warner Bros. cheers Missyjack