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I suggest to change this page's name into: Salt Crystal, this is the way it was referred to in the Official Supernatural Magazine (Issue #22). And also because of the fact that it was Lot's wife that got turned into a pillar of salt, but Lot himself had nothing to do with that event, thus the power is not linked to him in any way, only by the fact that he was there when it was used on his wife. -- Scyllaya 17:56 04.03.2011

Keeping the page name as Lot's Salt . Please include the mention of "Salt Crystal" in the SPN mag on the page, but I think calling it Salt Crystal will confuse it with the general entry of Salt. In future please ask before moving pages as it causes a lot of work having to changes links and other internal references on the Wiki. I have left "Salt Cyrstal"as a redirect here.--Missyjack 20:49, 4 March 2011 (UTC)

I have not renamed or moved the page, but noticed the redirect :) --Scyllaya 10:24 05.03.2011