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The episode 5.18 Point Of No Return put some clarity on Zachariah's claim. When Zachariah told Dean Winchester that he could personally deliver him to Michael, he obviously meant this in a different manner than what's currently on the Seraph Page; it is quite obvious that he meant he could summon Michael to his Vessel. In a speculation perspective, the idea that he could bring Dean to heaven in order for him to confront THE ARCHANGEL is simply inaccurate; this scenario was proven in 5.18 Point Of No Return.

Anderson Writer, APRIL 19th 2010 (UTC)

I think this page needs to be kept focussed on a definition of a Seraph, and mention that Zachariahs description of himself fits this, rather than turn this into another character page for Zacharaiah. --Missyjack 21:52, 19 April 2010 (UTC)

Edited in keeping with my comment above. Also, please do not cut and paste text from Wikipedia Rewrite the text and indicate the source of the information. --Missyjack 12:09, 8 June 2010 (UTC)

This page should be removed. Seraphim are never mentioned in Supernatural, and even though many believe Zachariah to be a seraph, if you actually do a little research on angels, you'd realise that his true form is a composition of a seraph and cherub or Chayot, not only a seraph.Anonymius 12:07, 25 June 2010 (UTC)

Listen closely to the following. There is a 99 percent chance that Zachariah is a Seraph. He even told Dean and Sam that his angel form has four faces and six enormous wings. This clearly coincides with Seraphim Lore. Your comments may be true but in my opinion we should take a majority vote amongst Wiki members on whether or not we should keep Zach's page the same or change it. --GrammarKing, June 25th 2010

No, it isn't. Type in 'four faced angel' in the google search engine and see what you get. One of the first things that comes is 'Merkabah', the throne-chariot of God, driven by the four faced angels known as Chayot, or living creatures, which are a different type of angel from the seraphim. it is true that in SOME instances, seraphim are described to have more than one face, though they are generally associated more with eagles than lions (like the chayot). Also note that in general lore, the wings of the seraphim cover their FACE, not FACES, face. Anyway, seraph or not, they are not mentioned in Supernatural, therefore this page has no place on this website. Anonymius 10:15, 26 June 2010 (UTC)

I removed the info that wasn't entirely canonical and I will be glad to put it back when more info is presented concerning Zachariah being a Seraph. -- GrammarKing, June 27th 2010

well, maybe this is a stupid comment but i'm a bit confused with the storyline aren't seraphim (and cherubim and ophanim) the ultimate angels, like the most powerful creatures after god so why is michael heavens strongest weapon (if there are 6 ranks of angels above him)? So if Zachariach was an seraph (according to the six winged form) shouldn't he be more powerful than the archangels? Or are they absent together with god so michaels the ultimate weapon because everyone above him abandoned heaven, and zachariah is a moron-seraph? :D and if cherubs are highclass angels, why is that cupid called a cherub (thou i heard of lowclass angels called cherub somewhere before)

Can someone provide a reference source for this information and then it can be restored to the page. --Missyjack 22:32, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

  • They praise, worship and exalt God all day and all night long.
  • They have four different faces, each representing a different animal, and have six wings that are used for flight and concealment.
  • Seraphs and Cherubs both share similar traits and characteristics to which people frequently mistaken Seraphs for being the same creature as Cherubs. Common belief also describe them as being of the same ranking or position, however, this is untrue. Two major distinguishing factors include: Seraphs have four faces and six wings whereas Cherubs have four wings and two faces.

The reference source that I used for constructing the Seraph page is as follow: [1] And in particular, I gathered info from the section titled "In Christianity".

Anderson54, December 19th 2010

In reference to the person talking about the seraphim and cherubim, what you've got to remember is that the writers in Supernatural are not using a completely accurate depiction of angels from tradition. If they did we would have the fourth arch angel uriel. What they've done is put on their own spin on angels, and so far the angelic hierarchy mainly depicts angels and the four archangels who are more powerful. As for the cherubim, in the show they are (as in popular culture) associated with cupid/putti, which would seem alot less powerful compared to the others angels. Also in Christianity, although Archangels in the traditional Christian hierarchy are the second lowest, Michael has generally been held to be higher than all the other angels. [19:59, 14 June 2011 (UTC)]

Where did you get that information about the Seraphim having four faces? Cos I've just looked through that page, and I don't see any mentioning of it. Also, Cherubim have four faces, not two. [[[User:Anonymius|Anonymius]] 21:53, 14 June 2011 (UTC)]