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Name Tara
Actor Rachel Hayward
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by a demon)
Occupation Hunter
Owner of Tara's Pawn Shop
Episode(s) 9.11 First Born


At one point, Tara worked with John Winchester on a hunt where they captured and tortured a demon who used to work for the Knight of Hell, Abaddon before her supposed death. The demon told them about the First Blade before they exorcised it but, while John thought the demon was lying, trying to get out of being exorcised, Tara believed him. She and John then had a "lovely weekend" together before John apparently never called Tara again, despite promising.

Believing that the First Blade would be an important weapon for a hunter to have given its properties, Tara spent many years chasing after it afterwards. She ruined her life and her knee which began to twinge when a demon was nearby, but she eventually managed to find a location spell for the blade. However, while she was able to gather most of the ingredients, she was never able to find essence of Kraken and thus could never use the spell. She kept the ingredients locked in a safe in her thrift shop.


9.11 First Born

After learning of his father's hunt with her, Dean approaches Tara for information on the First Blade with Crowley. Tara realizes that Crowley is a demon thanks to her knee and initially refuses to help, leaving Crowley stuck in a devil's trap.

After learning that Dean and Crowley want the blade to kill the Knight of Hell, Abaddon, Tara tells them what she knows despite being disgusted to be working with Crowley. When Tara reveals that the location spell needs Kraken essence, Crowley offers to get it stating that he has a warehouse full of it in Belize, and she reluctantly breaks the devil's trap to let him go, telling Dean he shouldn't be working with Crowley and that John wouldn't be happy with him for doing it. Dean tells Tara that he'll handle Crowley after he stops Abaddon, but that she is a much bigger problem that needs to be stopped. When Crowley returns, the three cast the spell which points to a location in central Missouri. Though Dean offers for Tara to join them, she refuses due to Crowley's presence.

Sometime later, Tara is approached by a man looking for Dean and Crowley who she realizes is a demon due to her knee. Tara notices that her devil's trap is still broken and she is therefore vulnerable and shoots the demon in the face, doing slight damage to it. The demon then tortures her for Dean and Crowley's location and kills her horribly after he's gotten it.