Tara Benchley

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Name Tara Benchley
Actor Elizabeth Whitmere
Location Los Angeles, California
Occupation Actress
Episode(s) 2.18 Hollywood Babylon


Tara Benchley is an actress that, according to Dean, was in FeardotCom, Ghost Ship, and Boogeyman. She is filming a movie called Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning in Hollywood, California when it becomes haunted by murderous ghosts.


2.18 Hollywood Babylon

While Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning, Tara is having trouble giving off a good scream, during a break in filming Tara overhears one of the stage hands, named Frank talking about how the stage is haunted. Later, Tara is standing in the middle of the "woods," going over her lines and practicing screams, still not quite able to do a good one. Again, she tries screaming. Suddenly, she hears a groaning sound on the set nearby, thinking it's the crew having some fun, she keeps walking among the forest scenery, until she sees a baseball cap fall in front of her. She looks up to the scaffolding and briefly sees a male ghost, before it flickers. Then, she notices that Frank is dead, lying on his stomach while blood covers his face. She lets out a long, bloodcurdling scream, for which the director McG and the crew remark as sounding good.

When Sam and Dean catch the case, Dean questions her about the victim, Frank, but can't give any information other than a Polaroid she took of him, for which Dean is able to recognize the man as an actor named Gerard St. James who was hired by the producers to play Frank and be killed on set.

After Sam and Dean solve the haunting, Dean has sex with Tara in her trailer before he and Sam leave.


  • The actress Elizabeth Whitmere was not in the films FeardotCom, Ghost Ship, or Boogeyman.