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Promotional Poster released for Bugs

The Bee Story was first related by Jensen at the 2006 Paley Television Festival Panel. The story relates to the filming of the scene in Bugs where the boys had to do a scene in a room filled with bees, and Kim Manners showed his support by entering the room sans bee-suit to direct the scene.

Jensen: Jared and I responded well to him. He directed in a fashion that we really liked. It’s a set where guys can be guys. He was not someone who directed behind a screen by the telephone somewhere in L.A. like “do it over and over and lets close up and move on to the next set”. He was in there. A story about another episode that he directed, Bugs. This was a scene where we had to get into this tiny, little room with 65,000 bees. And the whole camera crew and the set crew got this full body bee outfits on and it is “Alright, Jared Jensen, hop on in.”
Jared: “And don’t swat them, ‘cause that makes them angry.”
Jensen: And I’ll give it to Kim, he said, “You know what if you guys do not have bee suits on, I’m not either.” And he went in there in shorts and a t-shirt and a monitor and sat down on a box and directed us from inside the room with bees crawling all over our faces. It’s that kind of relationship with Kim.

YouTube clip of Paley Festival Bee Story

The story has become Jensen's stock anecdote in interviews including:

October, 2006 Megan Mullally Interview
October, 2006 SFX Magazine Interview with Jared
December, 2006 CW Connect Interview
July, 2007 Interview with French magazine
April, 2008 Jensen retells the story in the third issue of the Supernatural Magazine

Fans were thrilled when Jensen was persuaded to tell an extended version at the 2007 Asylum Convention in England. In this version he mentioned getting stung, and how the bee kept "pumping and pumping into his ass."

Jared has also told The Bee Story on a couple of occasions. He referred to it in an interview in October, 2006 with People Magazine. At the Creation Entertainment's 2006 Grand Slam: Sci-Fi Summit Convention, he related a whopping five minute version including the detail that he also was bitten on the ass YouTube clip .

The Bee Story took a public hiatus from 2008 to 2011, but then was retold at Salute to Supernatural L.A. 2011, and at Salute to Supernatural Toronto 2011, YouTube clip, complete with Jared miming how to herd bees.