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The CW logo

Poster from the 2006/07 Free to be Scary Campaign

The CW Television Network, commonly known as the CW, was formed as a joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corporation and saw a merger of The WB and UPN. The network commenced broadcasting in September 2006.

Supernatural Season one had aired on The WB. The merge that formed the CW was announced around end April/May 2006 and as Season One ended, and Supernatural's future was unclear due to this. It was two weeks after the finale on May 17 that The CW announced that it had picked up Season Two.

The CW held a launch party on September 18 2006. Not surprisingly Jared glomps Jensen, and we see Jared and his dogs and Jensen mountain biking in a special feature, Jensen actually gets to talk about the show, Jared shows off his broken wrist. The boys take the time to freshen their breath.

The CW is America's fifth broadcast network and targets the 18-34 demographic. The President of The CW was Dawn Ostroff from 2006-2010. Mark Pedowitz became the president in 2011.

On 10 January, 2020 it was announced thatCW President Mark Pedowitz has extended his contract and been promoted to chairman and CEO of the network. Pedowitz has been an ardent supporter of Supernatural. Jared's new show Walker will air on the CW, and Pedowitz said in an interview about his vision for the network going forward "I am a big believer in Jared and Jensen Ackles and if I could keep them both in some fashion, I would. We'll see what happens."


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