The Guardian

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Name N/A
Actor Amélie Eve
Dates N/A
Location Garden of Eden
Occupation Guardian of the Garden of Eden
Episode(s) 15.13 Destiny's Child


This unnamed girl appeared to Jack Kline after he consumed the Occultum and entered the Garden of Eden. Her purpose within the Garden is unknown, but she appears to be knowledgeable about its history.


15.13 Destiny's Child

The Girl greets Jack Kline as he wakes up in the Garden, asking him if he's an angel, as humans cannot enter the Garden. She explains the history of the Garden, telling Jack how Adam and Eve were God's prize creations, but were banished from the Garden along with all of humanity. When Jack asks her about being in the Garden changing him somehow, she only tells him it may, if he was the one meant to find it, before walking away and disappearing.


  • While not named in the episode itself, the script for "Destiny's Child" designated the girl as "The Guardian".