The Gun

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The Gun is a song written by goldenseal (Heather Thomas) and posted on her LJ on 2 March, 2008. The song was written after the Season Two finale.

Download is here at goldenseal's LJ or you can listen to it at her MySpace Page.

'The Gun'


the two of us
driving down an old country road
in a big black car
in the middle of the night

i'm haunted
you're hunted
and we bed down in strange motel rooms
and you whisper
it'll all be alright

well i'm stuck here
with a gun in my hand
shooting at ghosts who don't understand
your name on my lips and a knife in your back

you hold me
but we don't touch
we haven't since the day you came back
with a handprint on your heart
that didn't match mine

i hear them
the things you say
when you think i am sleeping or dying
and i'd say them back
but i can't find the time

well i'm stuck here
with a gun to my head
you're crying and saying that you're already dead
and i can't see the gun i just feel it instead

i'm stuck here
with your hands in my hair
you're crying and telling me life's never fair
and i can't see the gun i just know that it's there

we're still searching
for something
a way to save both of our souls
from the cold harsh light
in the middle of the night

– Heather Thomas,