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The Hillywood Show© is the brainchild of sisters Hilly & Hannah Hindi. They create videos which mashup famous TV shows or movies with reworked pop songs. The parodies are known for their amazing recreations of the sets and details of the show or movie -- along with a lot of singing and dancing. Hillywood have done tributes to Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Sherlock and of course Supernatural.

Both sisters work across all aspects of the videos. Hilly usually plays the lead role, with Hannah playing another key characters, Hannah is the primary director.

Osric Chau, himself a keen cosplayer, first appeared in the Hillywood's parody of The Walking Dead in November 2014.

Richard Speight and Kim Rhodes also appeared in the Stranger Things parody.

Hillywood Supernatural Parody

The first Supernatural parody was posted on May 21, 2015. The video is based around the events of Season 10 when Dean Winchester struggled with the effects of bearing the Mark of Cain as Sam and Castiel try to find a cure. The song is based on Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" -- which is what Dean tries to do with the Mark.

Dean is played by Hilly Hindi, Sam by Osric Chau and Castiel by Hannah Hindi. Rob Benedict plays Cain. The final segment of the video features guest appearances by many Supernatural cast members and was shot during Salute to Supernatural Las Vegas 2015. As of August 2018 the video had nearly 17 million views.

Hillywood Supernatural Parody 2

The second Supernatural parody was posted on August 16, 2018. It is a mashup wit the original Ghostbusters movie, and features a version of its theme song.

Dean and Sam are again played by Hilly Hindi and Osric Chau. This video stands out in that it features many current and past Supernatural cast members, playing roles throughput the ten minute video. Louden Swain and Jason Manns also appear. The video recreates many scenes from across Supernatural's 13 seasons. There are also many Ghostbuster references, and Misha Collins plays the receptionist role which is an homage to Janine Melnitz played by Annie Potts in the original.

In addition to Osric Chau playing Sam Winchester, the following Supernatural cast members appearing in the parody. Those starred with an asterix are playing versions of characters that appear in Ghostbusters:

In the group scenes: Tahmoh Penikett, Tyler Johnston, Adam Fergus, Adam Rose, Lauren Tom, Clif Kosterman, Jason Manns, and Louden Swain members Mike Borja, Stephen Norton and Billy Moran

Supernatural Easter Eggs:

Aside from the theme song, and the general references such as Sam and Dean's outfits and proton packs, and the Ghostbuster mobile, the following specific scenes referencing Ghostbusters:

  • Misha (Janine) taking the call for a job, the boys eating and then swinging into action in the Impala / Ecto-1.
  • Dean (Venkman) faces off with Mark Pellegrino (Slimer) and then Sam (Stantz) finds him "slimed".
  • The montage scene with the boys getting dressed in the motel room, newspaper front pages, the TV reporter, News Radio Guy and TV reporter (standing in for voice of Casey Casem on the radio in the movie).
  • Misha (Janine) interviewing Alex (Zeddmore).

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