The Impalas

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The Impalas played at the 300th Episode Celebrations
The Impalas - Bob Singer, Jensen and Jeff Budnick

The Impalas are a band made up of the Supernatural crew, which plays on special occasions. "The Impalas" has had a number of members including:

  • Harp/Vocals: Bob Singer
  • Guitar/Vocals: Jim Michaels
  • Guitar - Perry Battista (Lead Set Dresser)
  • Vocals: Jensen Ackles (See here for more information on Jensen and Music)
  • Guitar/Vocals: Chris Glyn Jones (Boom Op/Sound)
  • Keys/Vocals: Dave Weber (On Set Construction)
  • Guitar/Vocals: Tracy Dunlop (Set Dresser)
  • Drums: Cam Beck (Rigging Grip)
  • Bass/Vocals: Jeff Budnick (Transportation/Picture Cars)
  • Percussion/Vocals: Dave Riopel (Dolly Grip)
  • On Saturday January 30th 2010, the cast and crew of Supernatural celebrated the 100th episode of the series, which was about to begin filming, with a party in Vancouver. The event was held at District 319. During the evening a band made up of cast and crew called The Impalas played.
  • On 28 March 2011, as shooting of season 6 finished, director Guy Norman Bee tweeted: "I hope the cast and crew of #Supernatural aren't too hungover this morning! I heard the Impalas played at last night's wrap party!!!"
  • On 19 January 2013, Jim Michaels tweeted: "The Impalas have decided to reunite for the #Supernatural wrap party later this Spring -- Very excited but need to start rehearsals ASAP!" The band played at the wrap party on April 13th, along with another crew band Squish.
From The Impalas' first gig - posted by Jim Michaels.