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  • Days spent on each case include the day after they solve them, if it is shown in the episode.
  • Day counts assume one driving day in cases when the boys hear about the case and must travel to the location, unless otherwise stated.
  • Day counts count partial days as full days (meaning if an episode starts late at night, that night counts as a day)
  • Priority of information sources: A)Dialogue, B)Logic, C)Art/Props Department, D)Other Official Sources, E)Conjecture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want the dates to be in chronological time, you will have to add 2 years to all dates listed. (See note before Timeline (Season 6) and Timeline (Season 8) for more details)

Possibly Late May/Early June, 2015 - 11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

Day Count: 2

Location: Superior, NE.

It’s Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, when Sam and Dean wake up a couple hours after releasing the Darkness onto the world. They follow a path of destruction into Superior, NE. We spend 2 days in this episode.

  • Mike says that the attack on the hospital was “3- 4 hours ago” - which to me indicates that it’s been that long since the Darkness was unleashed, and Sam and Dean weren’t unconscious for more than an hour or two at most.

Possibly Late May/Early June, 2015 - 11.02 Form and Void

Day Count: 2

Location: Superior, NE; Cedar Rapids, IA

We explore the Form and Void of the Darkness, as Sam and Dean continue on their separate jobs. We spend 2 days in Superior, Nebraska, and Cedar Rapids, as Sam tries to cure the mysterious illness and Dean tries to figure out what to do with a possessed baby.

Early-Mid June, 2015 - 11.03 The Bad Seed

Day Count: 4

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Denver, CO; Topeka, KS

Cas has a Bad Seed of a spell inside him that the Winchesters must cure as soon as possible. They go on a hunt for Rowena, taking them from the Bunker in Lebanon KS, to Denver CO, and back again, and then head to Topeka. Meanwhile, Crowley gets to know Amara and Amara gets to know the world. This episode takes place over 4 days.

  • If we assume that the events of this episode happen in the order shown, then Sam and Dean spend two days sitting in the library researching nearly non-stop, discovering the article about the events in Denver, at the earliest, the morning of the second day.

Late June/Early July, 2015 - 11.04 Baby

Day Count: 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Quaker Valley, Oregon; unknown locations in between.

Dean and Sam take Baby on a road-trip to Oregon on a hunt. The episode takes place over 3 calendar days and a little over 48 hours. The boys travel from the Bunker to Quaker Valley, Oregon. They spend two nights on the road on their way there, all the events in Quaker Valley happen on the same day.

  • The alpha monster tells Dean that in the “last month” he’s recruited 16 people in order to be better prepared for The Darkness, indicating that it’s been a month since the Darkness has been released (if we assume that the monster knew right away.)
  • Dean’s face is also mostly healed from the beating he took the previous episode, indicating that there’s been time between episodes.
  • The Quaker Valley police report Sam looks at has the date as “9.12.15” but that doesn’t work with the timing of events at the end of S10 (in that, school was in session in 10x22, so it couldn’t have been during the summer.)

Unknown 2015 - 11.05 Thin Lizzie

Day Count: at least 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Fall River, MA

Sam and Dean travel to Fall River, MA, to investigate a murder at the Thin Lizzie Borden residence. We spend at least 3 days with the boys.

  • It takes 25 hours to drive from Lebanon, KS, to Fall River, MA – I’ve divided this into two days of driving, assuming the brothers hear about the case the morning of the first day, leave right away, and arrive the evening of the second day.
  • Once Sam and Dean get to Fall River, the episode takes place over one very long night and into the next day.
  • The Impala is completely repaired after the events of Baby, so there has been an unknown amount of time between the episodes, but it’s been long enough for Dean to repair the car. One fan estimated that it would take Dean a month and a half to acquire the parts necessary and to fix the car.

Unknown 2015 - 11.06 Our Little World

Day Count: 2

Location: Fall River, MA; The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Omaha, NE

Sam and Dean are still in Fall River, MA, exploring Our Little World and trying to find Amara. At the end of the episode, they travel back to the Bunker. Cas, meanwhile, travels from the Bunker to Omaha, NE, to track down Metatron. We spend 2 full days in Fall River, and then it’s a 25 hour drive back to the Bunker, so in total, we spend at least 4 days in this episode.

  • Sam says that they’ve been trying to track down more missing souls “since Monday” without any luck. So, they’ve been in Fall River for at least a few days before the episode starts.

Unknown 2015 - 11.07 Plush

Day Count: 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Cottage Grove, MN

Donna calls the boys with an odd case involving a Plush bunny head and they drive from the Bunker to Cottage Grove, MN, to investigate. We spend 3 days in this episode.

  • It takes 9 hours to drive from Lebanon, KS, to Cottage Grove, MN.
  • On Sam and Dean’s first day in Cottage Grove, Mike’s girlfriend tells them that Mike was “weird yesterday”, meaning that the murder had only taken place the night before. Donna must have called them right away and they drove overnight, without sleep, since otherwise they would not have been there during daylight hours so soon after the murder.

Unknown 2015 - 11.08 Just My Imagination

Day Count: at least 2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Menomonie, WI.

Although my imaginary friend is Just My Imagination, Sam’s is very much real and in need of help. The boys travel from the bunker to Menomonie, WI, to help Sully find the person murdering the Zanna. We spent at least two days with the boys in this episode.

  • Sam wakes up at 6:30am and finds Sully right away, if they leave immediately after their morning conversation, then they could be in Menomonie by 4-5pm. (It’s a 10 hour trip), which makes the most sense for the timing of events in the episode.

Unknown 2015 - 11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?

Day Count: at least 2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); several unknown locations

Sam and Dean get split up in this episode. Sam travels to Hell to speak with Lucifer, while Dean tries to track down Amara. We spend at least two day in this episode at several unknown locations and the Bunker.

Unknown 2015 - 11.10 The Devil in the Details

Day Count: 1

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS), unknown location, Kenesaw, NE.

Immediately following the previous episode, Dean and Cas journey to Hell to save Sam. Dean drives from an unknown location to the Bunker, and then to Kenesaw, NE. Cas’ travels are predominately by teleportation. The episode appears to take place over the course of one afternoon and evening. And it is the same afternoon that the previous episode ended on.

  • Kenesaw, NE, is only an hour north of the Bunker.

Unknown - 11.11 Into the Mystic

Day Count: 3

Location: The Bunker & Lebanon KS

Things go Into the Mystic, when Sam and Dean find a banshee hunt in their backyard. They meet a fellow hunter named Eileen, while Lucifer roots through the Bunker. We spend 3 days in this episode, only 15 minutes away from the Bunker.

Unknown 2016 - 11.12 Don't You Forget About Me

Day Count: 3

Location: Pendelton OR, The Bunker (Lebanon KS)

Claire’s passion for Hunting may have uncovered a monster in Sioux Falls, prompting Sam and Dean to come in to consult. The boys spend 3 days visiting with Jody and the two teens.

  • The seniors are already talking about Prom kings and queens, which prompts me to think that this must be after New Years.
  • It’s about a 6 hour drive from the Bunker to Sioux Falls. Sam and Dean arrive just after school lets out, and I’m assuming they left right away after Claire’s call – which would mean that Claire must have called them in the morning.

Monday, February 15 – Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 11.13 Love Hurts

Day Count: 4

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Hudson, OH

The boys find out that Love Hurts, when a series of murders and stolen hearts have them hunting in Hudson, OH, for 4 days.

  • The teaser death happens on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, and we pick up with the boys the very next morning. So, the episode itself spans 5 days, but we only spend 4 days with the boys.
  • It’s a 15 hour drive from the Bunker to Hudson, OH – when the boys arrive at the scene of the crime, it’s clearly the morning (they’re able to visit the husband at his office that very same day), which means that they most likely spent all of Feb 15th driving and then started their investigation on the 16th.
  • If you’re not skipping years like the show does, and want to place this episode in 2018, then it would be Thursday Feb 15- Sunday Feb 18, 2018.

~February 20th, 2016 - 11.14 The Vessel

Day Count: 1

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); The Atlantic Ocean

Dean travels back in time to WWII submarine, because The Vessel is carrying a powerful artifact that they hope to use to defeat Amara. Meanwhile, Lucifer reveals his identity to Sam. We spend, seemingly, only one day in this episode and, outside of time-travel, the boys do not leave the Bunker.

  • Dean travels to January 1943.
  • While Lucifer must travel from Crowley’s headquarters to the Bunker, I’m going to assume that he teleported there (and made up some story for arriving so quickly for Sam and Dean). Otherwise, we’d have at least a day’s wait between when Dean gets the idea to ask Cas to help, and when Lucifer arrives, which would bump the day count up.
  • All the episodes between 11.13 Love Hurts and 11.19 The Chitters have to take place between February 18th and March 22nd

~February 27-28th, 2016 - 11.15 Beyond the Mat

Day Count: approx. 2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS), Brimson, MI

The boys head to Brimson, MI, to investigate what happens Beyond the Mat when pro-wrestlers start dying. We spend approx. 2 days in this episode.

  • It appears to be morning at the start of the episode and Dean informs Sam that the wake is “less than a day’s drive” and he is already packed, I’ve taken this to suggests that they attended the wake that same day, since Brimson is only about a 5 hour drive from the Bunker.
  • Likewise, the events with Gunner Lawless all happen over the span of one night, before dawn, and then the boys would have probably driven straight home, arriving back at the Bunker on the second day.
  • Dean says they’ve done “nothing but mainline lore for a week” when the episode begins.
  • All the episodes between 11.13 Love Hurts and 11.19 The Chitters have to take place between February 18th and March 22nd.

~March 5-9th, 2016 - 11.16 Safe House

Day Count: approx. 4

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Sam and Dean have to make a Safe House in Grand Rapids, MI, when an old temporary fix from a hunt of Bobby & Rufus’ stops working. We spend approx. 4 days in this episode with Sam and Dean and roughly two days with Bobby and Rufus sometime during what was S4.

  • We do not know where the boys are when the episode opens, so assuming a day’s travel to get to Grand Rapids.
  • Bobby knows about the apocalypse and can walk, also Lilith is still alive, so Bobby can only be in S4. When Dean calls Bobby at the end of the episode, he says he and Sam are in Reno. Sam and Dean have never worked a case in Reno that we’ve seen, so whatever hunt they are on had to have happened between episodes – therefore, I’d put this in the latter half of S4 – based on my timeline for S4 and the fact there are greater amounts of time gaps between episodes in the latter half of the season.
  • The real estate listing that Sam views about the house tells us that the Hendersons purchased the house April 17th 2009. This was the family that Bobby and Rufus were trying to help.
  • Dean says it’s been “two weeks of squat” when Sam tries to remind him to stay optimistic about Cas. I’m taking this to mean that it’s been two weeks since they last saw Cas, as in the previous episode, Dean also complained about them doing nothing but reading lore for a week. Therefore, it’s just been another week on top of that.
  • The real estate info for the house tells us that the Himuras purchased the house on March 6th, 2016. That BARELY lines up with the episode and that’s only if the purchase date is also the close date. Still, visual prompts such as webpages are often pretty sketchy to base a timeline off of, but it sort of lines up and that’ll have to be good enough.
  • All the episodes between 11.13 Love Hurts and 11.19 The Chitters have to take place between February 18th and March 22nd.

~March 10-15th, 2016 - 11.17 Red Meat

Day Count: 5

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Grangeville, Idaho

Sam and Dean nearly get turned into just hunks of Red Meat, when a werewolf hunt goes wrong in Grangeville, Idaho. We spent approx. 5 days in the episode. 48 hours (over 3 calendar days) to drive from the Bunker to Grangeville look for leads in the bar, and get Sam shot, and then at least another day or two to deal with the aftermath.

  • 5 days, because I think that with a gunshot wound and that much blood loss, they would have kept Sam at the Urgent Care overnight, AT LEAST.
  • Sam spends one night and the better part of a day slowly bleeding to death.
  • It’s a 20 hour drive from Grangeville, Idaho, back to the Bunker, and I think after getting shot in the stomach, Sam would take a couple days off before their next hunt.
  • All the episodes between 11.13 Love Hurts and 11.19 The Chitters have to take place between February 18th and March 22nd.

~March 18-19, 2016 - 11.18 Hell's Angel

Day Count: approx. 2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS), St. Louis, Missouri

Sam and Dean get a call from Crowley with a proposition. Meanwhile, Lucifer travels to Heaven to see if he can form a team of Hell’s Angels to help him take down the Darkness. This episode takes place over approx. 2 days, with the boys traveling from the Bunker to St. Louis, Missouri.

  • The days were hard to count in this episode, so it’s a rough estimate only.
  • All the episodes between 11.13 Love Hurts and 11.19 The Chitters have to take place between February 18th and March 22nd.

Sunday, March 20 - Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 11.19 The Chitters

Day Count: 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Gunnison, CO

Sam and Dean discover The Chitters when they encounter a monster they’ve never seen before in Gunnison, CO. Luckily, two other Hunters are there to give them a hand. The boys drive from the Bunker to Gunnison, CO. The episode takes place over 3 days.

  • The episode starts in the morning at the Bunker, but it’s a 9 hour drive to Gunnison, so my guess is that they drove there and got a motel and then started investigating the next day. All the hunting action takes place, seemingly, on one day, with the goodbye scene the morning after.
  • The Cicada-Monsters come out every 27 years on the Spring Equinox, the Spring Equinox is on March 20th, which Sam and Dean tell us was “Yesterday” when they are doing their investigations on the second day of the episode.

Unknown 2016 (Thurs-Sat) - 11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley

Day Count: 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Hope Springs, ID

Chuck might not say “Don’t Call Me Shurley” but he has to come clean about his true identity when the Darkness strikes Hope Springs, ID, Sam and Dean are doomed, and Metatron is urges him to intervene. We spend 3 days with the boys in this episode, they travel from the Bunker to Hope Springs, ID.

  • It’s a 17 hour trip from the Bunker to Idaho (Hope Springs appears to be a fictional town.)
  • See 11. 21 All in the Family notes below for days of the week explanation.

Unknown 2016 (Sat-Wed) - 11.21 All in the Family

Day Count: approx. 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS), Lewis, OK; several unknown locations

Sam and Dean slowly discover the nuances that are All in the Family of the Judeo-Christian God, when they bring Chuck back to the Bunker and start working on what’s going to happen next. We spend at least 5 days in this episode, assuming they’re consecutive. The boys drive from the Bunker to Lewis, OK, and back again, and also to several unknown locations.

  • When Sam reads the article about Lewis, OK, it says the fog occurred on Saturday. When Metatron watches the news report, it says “Last night” and when he calls Sam and Dean, they’re already on their way to Lewis to interview the survivor, meaning that it must be Sunday evening. Sam and Dean then interview the professor on a Monday, drive him back to the Bunker, then drive to meet Metatron in the same night. On Tuesday, Dean meets with God in the park. Late that evening, Metatron joins them in the bunker after circling the building “all night” sending Dean texts (I’m guessing Dean didn’t literally mean ALL night, but rather all evening.) And then on Wednesday they put their plan into action. This is, of course, assuming all events after the Sunday occurred on consecutive days – and that Chuck had only been at the bunker for one day before we see the fog event.

Unknown 2016 (Wed) - 11.22 We Happy Few

Day Count: 1

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Fall River, MA; Grand Isle, Louisiana

We Happy Few get to watch a plan come together, as Team God try to take down Amara. This episode appears to possibly take place all in one day.

  • All travel is done by divine zapping, so travel time does not matter.
  • Sam and Dean do not change clothes at any point.
  • The prophet tells Amara that he has only been a prophet for 3 days. If he became a prophet Saturday night, then those days would have been Sunday, Monday, Tuesday OR, since he didn’t find out he was a prophet until Monday, he means Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Either way, I think this episode is supposed to be one 24 hour period.

Unknown 2016 (Wed-Thurs) - 11.23 Alpha and Omega

Day Count: 2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Louiseville, Kentucky; Either Illinois or Lawrence KS (depending on location of Mary Winchester's Grave); unknown location.

We explore the dualistic universe, when Sam and Dean have to save the world from the sibling relationship between Chuck and Amara, the Alpha and the Omega when it comes to Gods. We spend one to two days in this episode (see notes), with the Winchesters getting zapped around the world by God when they need to travel, except that they drive to Mary’s grave (see notes) and to the bar, and then back to the Bunker again after. They also might drive to Waverly Hills, in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • The exception to getting zapped around is that they drive the car to Mary’s gravestone, which is in Illinois, according to the S2 DVD extra-feature map, but the show might not have realized this weird fact and placed it back in Lawrence, Kansas. We don’t know. Sam also probably drives everyone to the bar to wait out the end/saving of the world, but that is most likely local.
  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky, is a 12 hour drive from the Bunker, this could add another whole day to the day count (to get there and back again), or you could believe that they didn’t drive the whole way and were instead zapped there.

All information for this timeline taken from hells_half_acre's SPN Timeline