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  • Days spent on each case include the day after they solve them, if it is shown in the episode.
  • Day counts assume one driving day in cases when the boys hear about the case and must travel to the location, unless otherwise stated.
  • Day counts count partial days as full days (meaning if an episode starts late at night, that night counts as a day)
  • Priority of information sources: A)Dialogue, B)Logic, C)Art/Props Department, D)Other Official Sources, E)Conjecture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want the dates to be in chronological time, you will have to add 2 years to all dates listed. (See note before Timeline (Season 6) and Timeline (Season 8) for more details)

May 18-19, 2017 - 13.01 Lost and Found

Day Count: 2

Location: North Cove, WA

Dean and Sam cope with the aftermath of their latest battle with Lucifer, while Jack explores the world, and we find out what has been Lost and Found, in North Cove, WA. This episode takes place over two days, one of which is the same day as the previous episode.

May 19-20, 2017 - 13.02 The Rising Son

Day Count: 2

Location: Wyoming, The Bunker

Dean and Sam argue about The Rising Son, as they transport Jack back to the Bunker, getting waylaid momentarily in Wyoming. This episode takes place over two days, one of which is the same day as the previous episode.

  • Jack tells us that he’s been alive for 3 days, 17 hours, and 24 minutes, on the first day of the episode.

~Mid-Late May 2017 - 13.03 Patience

Day Count: 3-4

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Omaha, NE; Buckhead, GA

Dean hunts a wraith with Jody and meets Patience, while Sam stays home with Jack. Dean travels from the bunker, to Omaha, NE, to Buckhead, GA, and then back to the bunker (probably stopping in Omaha on the way to drop Jody back off.)

  • Sam says that Jack hasn’t been out of his room since they got in – which means that it’s probably been less than a day, or just a night, rather than longer – because the kid needs to eat. So this episode must pick up, at most, only a day after the last one ended.
  • Missouri dies at 9pm on the first day of the episode.
  • Dean and Jody arrive in Buckhead on the second day.
  • It’s a 14 hour drive between Omaha and Buckhead.
  • It’s unclear whether Dean drove back to the Bunker in 14+hours straight or if he may have split up the trip home to actually get decent sleep, hence the possible 4th day on the episode count.

~Late May 2017- 13.04 The Big Empty

Day Count: 3

Location: Madison, WI; The Bunker (Lebanon, KS)

We explore The Big Empty with Cas, while Sam, Dean and Jack travel to Madison Wisconsin on a case. We spend 3 days in this episode, traveling from the Bunker, to Madison, and then back again.

  • Jack confronts Sam about the fight in the previous episode, which means it’s unlikely that too many days have gone past since it happened.
  • It’s a 9-10 hour drive to Madison.
  • Dean tells Jack “you did good today” at the end of the episode, meaning that the confrontation with Buddy happened since the last time they slept – most likely in the small hours of the morning, and then they drove home.

~Late May/Early June 2017 - 13.05 Advanced Thanatology

Day Count: 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Grand Junction, CO

Dean gets a crash course in Advanced Thanatology when he gets a little reckless on a ghost hunt with Sam and encounters Billie the Reaper. Meanwhile, Cas argues his way out of the Empty. The boys travel from the Bunker to Grand Junction, CO. We spend 3 days in the episode.

  • The 9-10 drive to Grand Junction was most likely done on the same day as breakfast, seeing as how all they did when they got there was interview one witness and then check-in to a motel.

~Early June 2017 - 13.06 Tombstone

Day Count: 3

Location: Dodge City, KS; The Bunker (Lebanon, KS)

Immediately following the previous episode, Sam, Dean and Cas, reunite with Jack at the Bunker, and then travel to Dodge City, KS, to investigate a disturbed Tombstone. The episode takes place over 3 days.

  • Dodge City, KS is only a 3 hour drive from the Bunker.

~June 2017 - 13.07 War of the Worlds

Day Count: approx. 4

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); various unknown locations

It’s a War of the Worlds as different factions try to hunt down Jack, only to find that the Winchesters and Castiel no longer know where he is. Meanwhile, Lucifer escapes the Alternative Universe and finds his way back with a warning. This episode takes place over approx. 4 days, though it’s hard to tell. Sam and Dean travel back and forth between the Bunker and several unknown locations.

  • I’m assuming that Sam and Dean would be looking for Jack right away and so little time has passed between episodes.

(Most Likely) June 2017 - 13.08 The Scorpion and the Frog

Day Count: at least 2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); unknown location

We get contemporary tale of The Scorpion and the Frog when a demon asks Sam and Dean for help with a heist. We spend at least 2 days in this episode with the boys traveling from the Bunker, to an unknown location, and back again.

  • Bart asks them to meet him at the “Smile Diner” but doesn’t specify a city, they’re wearing the same shirts when they get there, so I’m guessing it’s somewhere in or close to Lebanon KS and the demons just know they live around there.
  • We do not know where Luther Strike lived.

Unknown 2017 - 13.09 The Bad Place

Day Count: 3-4

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Bismarck, ND; unknown location

Sam and Dean end up in The Bad Place when they finally find Jack, only to discover that he’s been working with Dreamwalkers in the hopes of rescuing Mary. The episode takes place over around 3-4 days, with the Winchesters traveling from the Bunker, to Bismarck, ND, and then on to an unknown location, before ending up in a parallel universe.

  • It takes roughly 10 hours to drive from Lebanon KS to Bismarck ND.

Unknown 2017 - 13.10 Wayward Sisters

Day Count: 3-4

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Sam and Dean spend three days trapped in an alternate universe, while the Wayward Sisters work together to find and rescue them. Sam and Dean travel from a shipyard on Route 14 to Sioux Falls at the end of the episode. The episode covers 3-4 days.

Unknown 2017 (at least 2 weeks after previous episode) - 13.11 Breakdown

Day Count: 1-2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Nebraska

Donna calls Sam and Dean for help when her niece goes missing after having a Breakdown near Oshkosh, NE. Sam and Dean drive from the Bunker, to various places in Nebraska. We may spend 1-2 days in this episode.

  • Dean tells Sam he’s making pancakes at 8:22 am
  • Donna calls Sam at 10am.
  • It takes 4.5 hours to drive from Lebanon to Oshkosh, NE.
  • Doug asked Dean if he was at the Hanscum “family reunion in Sioux Falls” “a couple of weeks ago” – this is more than likely letting the audience know the excuse Donna used to help Jody last episode.

Unknown 2017 - 13.12 Various & Sundry Villains

Day Count: 2

Location: Lebanon, KS; Stillwater, OK

Dean goes for a beer run and ends up meeting Various and Sundry Villains in the supermarket parking lot, leading the boys heading to Stillwater, OK. We spend 2 days with the boys hunting witches.

  • It’s only about a 4-5 hour drive to Stillwater, however, a night passes between the witches stealing the book and the Winchesters retrieving it

Unknown 2017- 13.13 Devil's Bargain

Day Count: approx. 4

Location: Monroe City, MO; unknown locations; The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Fall River, MA

When a fallen angel makes a Devil’s Bargain, Sam, Dean, and Cas are able to track Lucifer down to Monroe City, MO, and an unknown location beyond. Once Cas joins the Winchesters, we spend approx. 4 days with them.

  • Cas starts the episode in Fall River, MA. He does not say how he gets to Lebanon, KS. But if he drove straight there, the journey would have taken him 25 hours.

~Mid October 2017- 13.14 Good Intentions

Day Count: at least 1

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); unknown (nearby) location

Sam, Dean, and Cas have Good Intentions while they continue to rely on Donatello to find the spell that will open a rift to the other world. Meanwhile, Jack and Mary meet. This episode takes place over at least 1 day, but probably more. Dean and Cas travel from the Bunker to an unknown, most likely nearby, location.

  • Mary tells Jack that he should be around 6 months old. Jack confirms that he is – we know that Jack was born on or around May 18th 2017, so this places this episode around Mid-October.
  • The episode starts with Breakfast at 9:15 (according to the kitchen clock) but it is unclear how much time passes after that.

Unknown 2017 - 13.15 A Most Holy Man

Day Count: approx. 6

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA

Sam and Dean try to track down blood from A Most Holy Man. They travel from the Bunker, to San Francisco, to Seattle, and home again, over the course of approx. 6 days, ~3 of which are purely travel days.

  • It takes 23 hours to drive from Lebanon KS to San Francisco, and 12 hours to drive from San Francisco to Seattle, and then 26 hours to drive from Seattle to Lebanon KS.
  • Cas has travelled (or is traveling) to Syria during the break between this episode and the previous one. So, some time has passed, but we don’t know how much – it could be only a day or so at the least.

Unknown - 13.16 Scoobynatural

Day Count: approx. 1 evening

Location: Crystal Cove, Oregon

Sam and Dean have a very Scoobynatural evening, when after encountering a suspicious cursed object, they are sucked into an episode of Scoobydoo. We spend approx. one evening in this episode. Meanwhile, Cas returns from Syria.

Unknown - 13.17 The Thing

Day Count: 4-5

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Portsmouth, RI

While on the hunt for spell ingredients, Sam and Dean drive to a MoL Chapter House in Portsmouth, RI, and end up finding just The Thing they need. We spend approx. 4-5 days in this episode (see notes.)

  • It takes 25 hours to drive from Lebanon KS to Portsmouth RI. I’m assuming that Sam and Dean broke up the journey into 2 days both ways, but even without that, the episode would cover at least 3 days.
  • Sandy Porter was born in 1903 and was killed in 1925 (opening scene.)

Unknown - 13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive

Day Count: 24 hours

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS)

Dean has 24 hours to try to Bring ‘Em Back Alive, when he travels to the alternate universe in search of Mary and Jack. Meanwhile, Sam and Cas care for Gabriel. We spend 24 hours in this episode, with Dean traipsing around an unknown wooded location, and Sam and Cas staying at the Bunker.

~May 19-24, 2018 - 13.19 Funeralia

Day Count: approx. 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Portland, OR

Rowena is up to something sketchy and Sam and Dean investigate. Meanwhile, Cas travels to Heaven. We spend approximately 3 days in the episode, with Sam and Dean traveling from the Bunker to Portland, OR.

  • When Sam discovers what Rowena was doing in Oregon, he shows Dean and Cas an online edition of The Oregon Tribune that’s dated May 24, 2018, and talks about a woman who died “this Saturday”, which means that 5 days have passed between the opening scene of the episode and the scene in which Sam presents them with the newspaper.
  • Rowena must be in the mountains with all that snow on the ground. :P

~June 7, 2018 - 13.20 Unfinished Business

Day Count: approx. 2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Central City, CO

Sam and Dean track down Gabriel who has some Unfinished Business with the Norse pantheon. We spend approx. 2 days in the episode, beginning in Central City, CO, and ending back at the Bunker.

  • Sam says they’ve been following leads on Gabriel for 2 weeks.
  • Gabriel tells us that he was held captive by Asmodeus for 7 years. He narrative places his abduction before Lucifer’s fall in S5, but really 7 years previous (even excluding the jumped years) would be S6, so there’s a little bit of faulty math going on. If we include the jumped years, then 7 years ago would be S7, when Lucifer was well out of the picture, and the only major players were the Leviathan.

Unknown 2018 - 13.21 Beat the Devil

Day Count: 2-4

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); unknown location; Apocalypse World - Northern Kentucky and Dayton, OH, area.

The Winchesters attempt to Beat the Devil, when they need Lucifer’s grace for a spell to open a portal to the other world. We spend 2-4 days in the episode, with the Winchesters traveling from the Bunker, to an unknown location, back to the Bunker, and then traveling in apocalypse world roughly 2 days on foot from Northern Kentucky to the Dayton OH area.

  • We don’t know how long it was between the decision to track down Lucifer and success of his capture. In addition, we do not know if the path through the tunnel made the trip to Dayton quicker or the same as Dean’s estimate.

Unknown 2018 (Immediately following previous episode) - 13.22 Exodus

Day Count: 2 days

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Apocalypse World - Northern Kentucky and Dayton OH area

With only 31 hours until the door home closes, the Winchesters plan an Exodus. They travel on foot and by car in the apocalypse world from somewhere near Dayton OH to Northern Kentucky.

  • The final scene may be a little bit past the 31-hour mark.

~September 2018 - 13.23 Let the Good Times Roll

Day Count: 2 days

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); unknown locations

At first everyone is like “Let the Good Times Roll” now that the Apocalypse World denizens are safe, but unfortunately it soon all goes to crap when Michael and Lucifer cross back over. We spend approx. 3 days in this episode, with the Winchesters traveling to unknown locations and the area around the Bunker.

  • When Sam is giving his synopsis of the current state of the world, he has photo of the March for our Lives on the bulletin board. The March for Our Lives took place on March 24th 2018.
  • The cover of Inside America that Sam has is listed as their May 2018 issue, which at earliest would have been released in April.
  • In 14.01, Sam claims that Dean has been missing for 3 weeks, in 14.02, Bobby tells us it is October. In 14.03, Sam confirms that Dean has been missing for “weeks” not months.

All information for this timeline taken from hells_half_acre's SPN Timeline