Timmy's Mother

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Name Ms. Conroy
Actor Alika Autran (disfigured version)
Jen Oleksiuk (human version)
Dates  ???? - 2013 (passes on after urging from Timmy)
Location Hurleyville, New York
Episode(s) 9.07 Bad Boys


After a car accident, Ms. Conroy was able to save him by pushing him out of the burning wreckage, dying the process. Upon her death, Timmy cried out for her to be with him, compelling her spirit to stay on Earth and protect her child.


9.07 Bad Boys

Not being able to let go and beginning to grow crazy, Ms. Conroy begins indiscriminately attacking and killing people she feels are a threat to her son. The first death was an old farmhand who worked on the grounds named Jack, who had been yelling at Timmy and some other kids for playing in the barn, Ms. Conroy uses a broken down tractor to impale Jack. She next attacks and kills Ruth who had been seen as a "hard-ass" by the children in the home. She next attacks a bot who had been bullying Timmy earlier, by jamming the blade of the lawn mower with Ruth's rosary, and cause the mower to start up again once he removed it, mutilating his hand. When she turns her sights on Sam, Dean and Robin; Sam and Dean eventually get Timmy to confront his mother to tell her that he will be okay, and that she can move on. Accepting what her son has told her, her disfigured visage burns away to revealing her original face before the accident, and in a flash of light tearfully disappears.


  • It took 3 hours to apply the ghost makeup to Alika Autran each day, and 3 hours to remove it.