Timmy Conroy

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Timmy in Bad Boys.jpg
Name Timothy James Conroy
Actor Sean Michael Kyer
Location Hurleyville, New York
Episode(s) 9.07 Bad Boys


Timmy Conroy is one of the children under the care of Sonny at the boys home. After a car crash where his mother died trying to save him a year ago, after he found hiding in an abandoned building he was sent to orphanages, which he kept running away from. That then prompted Child Services to place Timmy at Sonny's Home for Boys three months before Sam and Dean arrive.


9.07 Bad Boys

Timmy is playing a late night game of hide-and-go-seek with two other boys, when the old grounds keeper, Jack comes into the barn to put a stop to the game. Timmy witnesses Jack get impaled with the old tractor, killing him.

When the Winchesters arrive to investigate Jack's death, Dean runs into Timmy and questions him, he learns that Jack yelled a lot, and that it suddenly got cold in the barn before Jack's death. Later Dean comes to Timmy's aide when he is being bullied by two older kids, later Timmy is watching the two bullies try to start the lawn mower when it suddenly starts and mutilates one of the boys.

When Dean learns that Timmy is connected to the deaths and accidents, he attempts to get Robin to leave Sonny's, when Timmy shows up and tells Dean he's sorry, and he can't stop it. He goes on to recount how his mother died, suddenly Timmy's Mother appears in the kitchen and attacks Sam by throwing him against the wall. Dean swings the iron poker through the ghost which dissipates, and grabs Timmy's action figure, and puts it on the oven, turning the gas burner on believing Timmy's mother is connected to it as it was a gift to her. Timmy watches in despair as Sam grabs him and puts him in the circle of salt with Robin, who holds him protectively. When destroying the doll proves to not work, Sam tells Timmy he's going to need to talk to his mother to get her to move on. As Timmy's mother attacks the Winchesters, Timmy get the courage to tell his mother to stop, that she needs to move on and that he will be okay and that he loves her. Accepting what her son has told her, her disfigured visage burns away to revealing her original face before the accident, and in a flash of light tearfully disappears.