Tommy (Mamma Mia)

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Name Tommy
Actor Woody Jeffreys
Dates  ???? – 2016 (killed by Lucifer)
Location Los Angeles, California
Occupation Drummer
Episode(s) 12.02 Mamma Mia
12.03 The Foundry
12.07 Rock Never Dies

Man, I don't know what the hell's going on with Vince, all right? All the royalties on our hits dried up years ago. I got two daughters in college. I know what I told you and I know what I saw, but...

– Tommy, 12.07 Rock Never Dies


Tommy was a close friend of Vince Vincente, having been the drummer for Ladyheart as well as Vince's solo efforts.


12.02 Mamma Mia

After a successful show, Tommy stops by Vince Vincente's dress room to invite him out on the town with the rest of the band. When Vince shows no interest, Tommy, realizing Vince is still mourning the death of his partner, tries to tell him it is time to move on. Vince just tells Tommy to leave his dressing room.

The next day, Tommy goes to Vince's hotel room to pick him up for rehearsal. Unbeknownst to Tommy, Vince has become the new vessel for Lucifer and has no intention of going to a rehearsal. Vince turns to look at Tommy as his eyes glow red; he pushes Tommy in the chest and sends him flying through the door and into the hotel hallway, knocking him unconscious.

12.03 The Foundry

In the hotel lobby, Tommy sits with Castiel, under the alias Agent Beyoncé, who is questioning him about Vince Vincente. He tells Cas of all the different types of Vince he's seen through the years, and remarks that the Vince that attacked wasn't Vince. Castiel leaves his number with Tommy in case he hears from Vince again.

12.07 Rock Never Dies

With the newly reunited Ladyheart together in a studio, Tommy approaches the Lucifer-possessed Vince and asks if they are going to start making some music. Lucifer quickly dismisses Tommy's question, telling him the music doesn't matter, and that people are just looking for someone to worship, which is what he will provide them, spurring a dismayed Tommy to leave the room. Outside the studio, Tommy receives a call from Castiel, who is trying to find where the secret Ladyheart show is being held. He brings up what happened to Roseleen and tells Tommy he knows that Vince isn't really Vince. As Castiel continues to press on where the show is, Tommy simply tells him he needs the opportunity Vince is providing him, despite his misgivings.

Outside the concert club, Tommy is sitting in a limo with Vince and Russell Lemmons, remarking how Vince has no-showed all the studio sessions. Russell attempts to get Vince in line, prompting Lucifer to force Russell to stab himself in the neck in front of a shocked Tommy before casually exiting the limo. Inside the Club Meteor, the staff prepares for the show. Tommy sends a text to Castiel, giving him the location.

Backstage, Tommy is nervously waiting with his other band members, who get their necks snapped by Lucifer as he enters the room. He turns to a speechless and terrified Tommy, who questions who he is. He tells Tommy it doesn't matter. Just as he is about to kill Tommy, Castiel and Crowley arrive and stop him. However, the reprieve is short-lived; as Tommy attempts to escape the room, Lucifer snaps his neck.


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