Tommy (Paper Moon)

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Name Tommy
Actor Primo Allon
Location Durham, Washington
Episode(s) 10.04 Paper Moon


Tommy is a biker who frequents Panheads Roadhouse in Durham, Washington.


10.04 Paper Moon

When Sam and Dean roll into Durham, Washington to investigate reports of particularly grizzly murders, they head straight for the sheriff's station where they are told of a witness to the latest murder. The sheriff tells them that although Tommy was a witness, he isn't a reliable one since he's an alcoholic. However, he does say that Tommy mentioned seeing a girl leave with Barker the night he was killed.

Sam and Dean discard the sheriff's words and head to Panheads Roadhouse—the scene of the latest murder—to talk to Tommy. Tommy explains that he and the murder victim—Barker—had been close friends for a long time, and he seems shocked by his death. He recounts the events of the night Barker was killed. Sam asks about the girl the sheriff mentioned, and Tommy begins acting cagey, insisting he didn't see a girl. After some persuading from Sam and Dean, Tommy eventually tells them he believes he saw the same girl a few nights prior when he was riding past the old Sturges farm. However, since he believes her to have been killed by the same thing that killed Barker, he comes to the conclusion that she's now a ghost.

It is later revealed that the girl is Tasha, a werewolf who killed Barker.