Tommy Collins

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Name Thomas "Tommy" Collins
Actor Graham Wardle
Dates 1984 – 2013 (killed by Crowley)
Location Black Water Ridge, Colorado
Episode(s) 1.02 Wendigo
8.22 Clip Show


Tommy Collins is the brother of Haley and Ben Collins.


1.02 Wendigo

Tommy is on a camping trip with two friends when he is taken by a wendigo. Just before he was attacked he sent a video to his sister Haley via cellphone. She and her younger brother, Ben Collins, have hired a guide and are heading into the hills to find Tommy when Sam and Dean arrive who are looking for John Winchester. They join in the hunt for Tommy along with a local Ranger.

After finding Tommy's ruined campsite, the ranger Roy is killed and Haley and Dean are taken by the wendigo. Sam and Ben follow a trail of peanut M&M’s that Dean leaves behind. They eventually find Dean, Haley, and Tommy hanging from the ceiling of an abandoned mine, and they cut them loose.

Dean finds two flare guns along with the rest of their stolen supplies, and while Sam leaves with the Collins siblings, Dean tries to draw the wendigo away. The wendigo follows Sam instead, cornering their group; however, Dean appears from behind it and shoots his flare gun into its chest. The wendigo bursts into flame and dies, and they're able to escape and get to safety. The group fabricates a story about a bear attack to tell the police. Haley thanks Dean and then leaves with Tommy and Ben in the ambulance.

8.22 Clip Show

Tommy is making out with his girlfriend, Michelle Harris, when he starts to hear noises outside of his girlfriend's cabin in Lost Creek, Colorado. Expecting it to be a wendigo, he grabs his blow torch from his bag but suddenly collapses. His head then explodes right in front of his girlfriend, causing her to scream in shock.

Later, Crowley sends Sam and Dean the article about Tommy's death. Dean comments they'll "pour one out for Tommy later" as they go back into the barn to check in on Abaddon, who has escaped.

Tommy is killed by Crowley.
Headless Tommy.