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In Supernatural we get to see a lot of tongues. Sometimes they are hard to spot, sometimes they are hard to miss. This page is the attempt to find them all.
A rare tongue appearence where both boys show us their tongue(01x04).

Season 1


Sam's first tongue appearance on Supernatural is kind of funny.

We get the first glance of Dean's tongue in the first episode while he talks to Sam about their father John being missing. When Sam and Dean get to the car on the bridge, you can see Dean doing the tongue thing, but sadly you cannot see it very well. Again another appearance of Dean's tongue while they question Amy Hein, the girlfriend of the last victim Troy Squire in a café. During research about violent deaths in the area we witness a rare Sam tongue. While they are talking in the middle of the night on a bridge we catch another glance at Dean's tongue. Twice. After questioning the widower, Joseph Welch, we see – if we watch carefully – Sam's tongue in profile. The last tongue we see in this episode is Dean's when he gets chained to the desk and looks at the sheriff leaving the office.


While Sam and Dean talk in the car after Sam's nightmare about Jess we see the tip of Dean's tongue. We see Sam's tongue when he talks with Shaw, the survivor of an alleged bear attack in 1959. Shortly after Sam rescues (together with Tommy Collins) Dean and Haley Collins from the Wendigo cave, we see Dean's tongue again. (About time.) And we got another Dean one when they try to leave the cave but the Wendigo returns.

Dead in the Water

Right in the first few minutes we see Dean's tongue after the waitress walks away. We catch another glance at his tongue 14 seconds later. And Sam's tongue shortly after that. 3 tongue appearances in one scene, that is a really good start for an episode. While they speak to the local sheriff, Jake Devins, we see Dean's AND Sam's tongues after they walked with Jake's daughter, Andrea, to the motel and are discussing the topic of “Dean liking children”. When Dean talks to Lucas, Andrea’s son, in the park we see his tongue three times. The second time Dean talks to Lucas in his room, we are able to see Dean's tongue again. Seriously, this episode is tongue gold, because when Sam and Dean are in the Impala we see Dean's tongue twice. We get another Dean tongue while he looks into files in Andrea’s house and a very quick glance at his tongue when he shows her the photo album. We see Dean’s tongue one more time at the end of the episode when the boys are standing by the Impala.

Phantom Traveler

The first tongue appearance is Sam's when Dean and Sam talk to each other in the motel. When the boys talk with Jerry Panowski about John we catch a glimpse of Dean's and right after that of Sam's tongue. In the car, after they got their new fake ID's we witness another Sam tongue. Sam and Dean speak to Max Jaffey, one of the survivors of the plane crash and we get to see Dean's tongue. Almost not to catch, we see Dean's tongue in front of the house of George Phelps, the passenger that Max has seen. While they are inspecting the plane wreckage we see the tip of Dean's tongue twice. Back at the motel we get to see Dean’s tongue and while they talk with Jerry once again after his friends’ plane crashed. When they drive in the car we see a blurred Dean tongue. At the airport, while Dean is on the phone with Amanda Walker we see Sam's tongue three times. This is a good episode for Sam tongue in general. Right after the phone call, we see his tongue again – but also Dean's tongue. On the plane, we see Sam's tongue once more and while Dean talks to Amanda there is his tongue for us to see again – twice. After Dean went through the plane with his EMF-meter we see his and Sam's tongue at the same time. When both of the boys talk to Amanda we see Sam's tongue and Dean's tongue shortly after that, too. There is another Sam tongue when they start to exorcise the demon. After they are back on the ground at the airport, we see Dean's tongue and Sam's.

Bloody Mary

One of Dean's tongue appearances in Bloody Mary

Sam's tongue is spotted: when he looks at the newspaper while the brothers are sitting in the car and when they are in the morgue talking with the attendant. We catch Dean's tongue the first time while they bribe the attendant again to get him to show them the police report. Right after Sam wakes up from another nightmare Dean fills him in about what he found out – we also get to see Dean's tongue. Later we see Dean's tongue again while Charlie tells the brothers about Jill ’s death. We spot Dean's tongue (finally) again while the boys talk to the police detective who worked on the case of Mary Worthington and Sammy's shortly after that two times. When Charlie begins seeing the figure of Mary she reaches out to the brothers, while Sam and Dean talk to her in the motel and we see both their tongues. After breaking into the store to destroy the mirror we see Dean's tongue half hidden behind Sam. While Sam summons Bloody Mary we catch another short view at his tongue.


When Sam receives an email from a friend in Stanford, Becky Warren, we see the first tongue: It's Dean's. After Sam has a phone call from Becky, who tells him that she doesn't want to hear from him anymore because he lied to her, we finally get to see Sam's tongue for the blink of an eye. While Dean chases the shapeshifter there is a tongue to see if we look very carefully. After the shapeshifter left the sewer Dean wakes up and we see his tongue. Shapeshifter!Dean saves the tongue-day! We see his tongue: When he hits Sam; while he speaks to Becky – three times! And a blurry tongue from shapeshifter!Dean when he is about to torture Becky in the mirror... it does not really count and is just here for the record. Dean goes to hunt the shapeshifter on his own and before that we see his tongue while he gets his guns. After Sam said good-bye to Becky we catch Dean's tongue in the background while he opens the door to the Impala.

Hook Man

It's Sam tongue we see first when the brothers talk in the diner about a possible new case. At the fraternity house, Dean's tongue is spotted behind Murf, the purple guy and one time easier to catch shortly after that. While Sam speaks to Lori, the girlfriend of the victim, we can see his tongue. In the library when Sam finds the story about the Hook Man Legend we catch his tongue twice. The boys travel to 9 Mile Road and there we see Dean's tongue while he picks weapons from the trunk of the Impala. We see both Sam's and Dean's tongues when they get caught by the sheriff. Sam and Dean search the dorm room where Taylor was murdered. There we see another Sam tongue and again when the brothers sit on the Impala to discuss what to do next. At the party we catch Sam's tongue twice and also Dean's tongue once. When Dean digs out the grave we see his beautiful tongue again. Before Sam talks to Lori we see his tongue shortly and while he talks to her we also see it. Back in the library we see a very blurred tongue from Dean and the last tongue appearance is Dean's when he burns Lori's necklace.


The first tongue we see is Dean's when he comes out of the bar and looks at the money and when he talks to Sam we see it twice. While the brothers talk to Travis there is an appearance of Sam's tongue. There is Dean's tongue when they drive to the free BBQ – also Sam's tongue. They stop at an open house where they meet Larry Pike, one of the developers, and we get to see Dean's tongue. After Sam talked to Matt Pike, we see Dean's tongue and Sam's tongue while they talk to each other. Back in the car there is another Dean-tongue to be seen. After the boys were in the house where another death happened they drive to talk to Matt. Before they follow him into the woods we see Sam's tongue. When Dean digs around in the earth right before he discovers a skull we see his tongue. While on their way to the Department of Anthropology at the local university, Dean talks with Sam about their father and we get to see Dean's tongue three times. They speak to Joe White Tree and we see Dean's tongue twice and after they have talked to him we see Sam's. They arrive at the Pike’s home and talking to Larry we see Dean's tongue and after they fled into the house there is Sam's tongue to see. After they fought off the bugs there is another Dean-tongue. While the boys talk to each other at the end of the episode we see Sam's tongue once again.


Dean tastes things so we get to see his tongue.

The first tongue we see is Sam’s when the brothers talk about where they should go next. After Sam told Dean about his nightmares we see: Dean's tongue, Sam's tongue, Dean's tongue. In this order. The boys talk to Jenny, who now lives in their old house and we get to see Dean's tongue and again when they leave the house. At the gas station we see the tip of Sam's tongue and we see Dean's tongue, too. When Dean calls their dad John we see his tongue three times. Only when they are with Missouri in their old house do we see Dean's tongue again. Dean tastes the ingredients of the hex-bags and the perks of that is that we get so see his tongue. After Mary appears we see Dean's tongue.


The first tongue we see is blurred so does not really count, but it's Dean’s when the boys talk about their dad – though we get the first counting Sam-tongue at the end of this scene. In the Asylum, when the brothers check with the EMF we see Sam's tongue again. In the next scene after they entered the room Dean darts his tongue out while he turns his back to us. Rude. We get to see Sam's tongue a few times: when the brother talk about their dad twice and once at the end of the scene; when they discover Kat twice; when Sam finds Gavin; after the boys deduce the room number; another one when Sam tries to get out of the asylum with Kat and Gavin AND when he gets into the room in the basement. We see Dean's tongue: when he finds Sam in the basement; when Sam threatens him in the secret room; when he knocks out Sam; when he gets the salt to burn the body AND after he managed to burn the body and Sam awakes again.


The first tongue is Sam's while he is one the phone with John. On the way to the job John has sent them we see Sam's tongue twice (sadly it's a little blurry, but still) while he drives the Impala. While Dean speaks to Emily we see his tongue. After Dean saved the first couple from the scarecrow and is on the telephone with Sam we see his tongue. Sam tries to phone Dean, but he isn't picking up and we get to see his tongue. When he talks to Meg we see it again. Locked in the cellar, we see Dean's tongue and when he is tied to the tree again.


While hunting the rawhead we see Dean’s tongue. Sam gets the prognosis about Dean's condition and we get to see puppy sad eyes and his tongue twice. Sam's tongue is spotted again when he visits Dean in his hospital room. When Sam phones their dad we see his tongue twice and again when Dean turns up at the motel. Arriving at Reverend Roy Le Grange we see Sam's tongue again while he talks to Dean approaching the tent. Inside the tent when the brothers are looking for seats we catch Sam's tongue once more. Dean's tongue is spotted twice when Reverend Roy picks him for the healing. In the hospital the boys discover that Dean is healed and we see Sam's tongue. Visiting the Reverend there is an appearance of Dean's tongue. The boys are looking through the lore about reapers when we see Dean's tongue three times. Another Dean-tongue is spotted after he gets released by the two deputies. Back at night at the Reverend‘s house we catch Dean's tongue again.

Route 666

On the way to the new job in the Impala while the brothers talk about Cassie we see Dean's tongue twice. At Cassie‘s home Dean's tongue is spotted again. Talking with Ron, a friend of Jimmy Anderson, at the pier we finally see Sam‘s tongue. Also Dean's. Leaving the pier, we catch Dean's tongue twice and Sam's once. Looking for a link what connects the victims, Dean finds out about the Dorian family and we see his tongue while he is on the phone with Sam. While Cassie's mother tells the story about what happened we see Dean's tongue twice. Dean talks outside with Cassie and we catch Sam's tongue in the background and during the kiss is Sam's tongue spotted again. While Dean is being chased by the truck, Sam looks for something to help him and we see his tongue four times. Well done, Sammy.


Sam shows us his tongue while he is dressed up as a priest.

After Sam had a nightmare, the brothers are driving to Michigan and we see Sam's and Dean's tongue for the first time during this drive. Disguised as priests they are visiting Jim Miller's wife Alice and we see Sam's tongue and Dean's (plus once eating sausage but that doesn't really count.) Sam speaks to the son Max Miller and we see his tongue. On the way to Roger Miller‘s apartment, there is an appearance of Dean's tongue (and one time very blurred.) Talking to Max again Sam's tongue can be spotted twice. When they talk to the neighbor who used to live near the Millers, we see Sam's tongue again. Back in the car we catch Sam's tongue twice. Sam talks again to Max and we see his tongue. The police talks with Alice Miller and there is a Dean's tongue to be seen in the background, leaving the house we see Sam's. Packing stuff back at the motel we see Sam's tongue three times and after Dean turned out the light we see his tongue as the last one in this episode.

The Benders

The first tongue we see is Dean's when the brothers talk to the young boy who witnessed the disappearance of Alvin Jenkins. Sam's tongue is seen in the bar in the next scene. While Dean tries to free himself from the handcuffs we finally see his tongue again. Dean finds some human teeth and shows us his tongue. Tied to the chair and Pa Bender talking to him, there are two tongue appearances from Dean. (plus one that is not good to see.)


Dean's tongue is the first we get to see when the brothers talk in the bar about the symbol on the carpet. Walking out of the bar where Sam meets Meg again we see Dean's tongue and later Sam's. Sam shows us his tongue again when he climbs up the lift in the abandoned warehouse and after he watched Meg once more. Dean calls John to come to Chicago and we get a short look at his tongue. While preparing for the task at hand we see Dean's tongue again. Dean opens up about wanting to be a family again and Sam is (almost) killing us with puppy eyes and tongue. A few seconds later we get a look at Dean's tongue. Sam and Dean see Meg lying dead on the pavement and we see Dean's tongue.

Hell House

While on their way down the Interstate we see Dean's tongue four times and Sam's tongue six times in the first scene with the boys. How about a good start to an episode?! After the brothers decide to leave the investigation because they believe it's a fraud Sam's tongue is to be seen and again right after he played a prank to Dean. Dean finally figures out where this all might have started and we see his tongue. Playing another prank on Sam while he is in the shower, Dean's tongue is spotted. Sam postulates that Mordecai is a tulpa and while he tells Dean about that in the diner we see Sam's tongue three times and Dean's once. The boys go to talk to Ed and Harry about Mordecai and Dean shows us his tongue. In yet another diner, Sam takes a sip from his beer and we see his tongue. The house is burning down and Sam's tongue is to be seen.

Something Wicked

Sam shows us his tongue again and everyone likes it.

Dean is showing us his tongue when the brothers investigate in the hospital. After checking into a motel and talking about the shtriga, we see Sam's tongue. Sam tells Dean that he found Dr. Hydeker in a 1890s photo and his tongue is spotted briefly. While Dean tells Sam what happened with the shtriga when they were younger we see both tongues twice. At the end of the episode, there is another tongue appearance from Sam.


In the first scene in the bar, we get to see Dean's tongue twice and in the next scene in the car we see his tongue once again. At the art auction house we get to see Sam's tongue. Sam goes to a dinner with Sarah Blake, and we get a short glimpse of his tongue. Sam goes through the copy of the provenances of the items of the Telesca house and shows us his tongue. We see Sam's tongue again when he meets Sarah again at the auction house and once more in the library. Back in the hotel, we see Sam's tongue twice. The boys rush to Evelyn's house and again Sam shows us his tongue and he does it again when Sarah meets the boys in the hotel. Looking at the painting in Evelyn's house, Sam's tongue makes another appearance. While Dean searches for the remains of Isaiah Merchant, Sarah and Sam wait outside for him. Also, we see Sam's tongue. Again. Six Times.

Dead Man's Blood

There are only 3 tongue appearances from Sam to spot: While looking for a new case and while Dean talks with Sam about his attitude towards their father, John.


John tells the boys about the telltale signs and Sam shows us his tongue. Sam meets the young mother Monica and her daughter, Rosie. Also, we see his tongue. Sam tells John and Dean about the vision and we see his tongue and again when he gets the call from Meg. John hands Dean the Colt and we finally get to see Dean's tongue. After Sam got angry we see a tongue paired with teary eyes and Dean's tongue when he tries to call their dad.

Devil's Trap

There are so many awesome tongues. This is one of them.

Driving away from Salvation we get to see Sam‘s tongue in the Impala. Sam is about to exorcise Meg when we see his tongue twice. Drawing a Devil's trap on the Impala we spot Sam's tongue again. We get to see Dean's tongue shortly after that while he and Sam argue about bringing the Colt with them. In the secluded cabin, Sam says to Dean that he saved his life - while we can spot his tongue.

Season 2

Season 2 tongues will be added soon.

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