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Name Travis
Actor Ron Lea
Dates  ???? - 2008 (killed by Jack Montgomery)
Location Carthage, Missouri
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 4.04 Metamorphosis


Travis has been a hunter for over thirty years. He has known the Winchesters at least since Sam was in junior high or high school, asking if he was "still a mathlete," but he has not seen Sam in ten years or so. Travis killed Jack's father, also a rugaru, in 1978, but did not know that Jack's mother was pregnant at the time, and that she later put him up for adoption. By the time he found out, Jack was long gone, lost in the system.


4.04 Metamorphosis

He calls Sam and Dean to help him hunt the rugaru Jack Montgomery, as his right arm is broken at the time. Travis, without consulting Sam and Dean, breaks into Jack's home, holds his wife hostage and learns that she is also pregnant. When Jack arrives, Travis overpowers him and ties him up, intent, though regretfully, on burning them both alive to ensure that their child will not become another rugaru, despite the fact that Michelle is completely innocent. Enraged at the threat to his wife, Jack breaks free and attacks Travis, whom he kills by eating from his neck, thus completing his transformation into a full-blown monster. Travis' body is eaten until there's little left but the bloodstain.