Trooper Jack Spradlin

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Trooper Jack.png
Name State Trooper Jack Spradlin
Actor Ken Tremblett
Location Great Falls, Montana
Occupation State trooper
Episode(s) 8.16 Remember the Titans


Not much is known about Jack's history, but he became a state trooper.


8.16 Remember the Titans

Early morning, Jack finds a frozen body with an eagle picking on his liver. He goes back to his car to report the scene but once he turns around he sees that the frozen body is gone. He goes to search in the woods but backs off after realizing that he's lost him.

Later on, Sam and Dean investigate Jack's case. When they question him at the station, he tells them that he believes that the man is a zombie and after discovering that the same man turned up dead again at a Montana Morgue, the trooper was insistent to go investigate himself. Sam and Dean convince him to stay and look out for the place.