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J2 Upfront appearances 2005 and 2019

The Network Upfronts are held each May, in the last week of sweeps week. Each network has a separate session in which to promote its programming for the next year, and showcase new shows. Over recent years, renewal, cancellation or pickup announcements will be made earlier.


First appearance of Jared and Jensen together in public at the 2005 Upfronts.

Supernatural was announced as part of The WB fall schedule, to air on Tuesdays after Gilmore Girls.


2006 Upfronts

A tense wait for fans as the finale had aired on May 4th, with no word as to whether the show would be picked up by the new CW network, resulting from the merger of The WB and UPN. Supernatural was confirmed at the Upfronts, to air on Thursdays on The CW.


2012 Upfronts

It had been six years since Supernatural last featured at the Upfronts...

It was announced that Supernatural would move to Wednesday nights at 9pm after the new series Arrow. The CW fall season would start in October for all shows, and there would be fewer breaks during the season.

Network boss Mark Pedowitz said of Supernatural's future that they were not looking at Season 8 “as the final year in any way, shape or form.” source




CW selfie at the 2014 Upfronts. Pic by Jensen!

In 2014, Supernatural was celebrated for its upcoming 10th season, and for Season 9 having the highest ratings in four years. Jensen, Jared and Misha all attended The CW Network's 2014 Upfronts. It started with the CW Affiliates dinner on May 14th, followed by press, the stage presentation and after party on May 15th.

Jared and Jensen at the 2014 Upfronts.

[CW President Mark Pedowitz announced that Supernatural would stay on Tuesday nights, with new Arrow spin-off The Flash as its lead in. It showed how much faith the network has in Supernatural, to pair it with its hottest new property. Pedowitz said that while the proposed Supernatural spin-off Supernatural: Bloodlines “just didn’t quite get there” creatively, he as a "real brand" and was keen to revisit the idea for Season 10 with the creative team of Supernatural over summer.

CW Affiliates Dinner - May 15th

CW Upfronts - May16th

Video Interviews

WARNING - contain spoielrs for the Season 9 finale


J2 at the 2017 Upfronts

Jared and Jensen appeared at the CW Network's Upfront presentation in New York. With the show's Season 13 renewal already announced earlier in the year, the main news was that Season 13 Supernatural would have an animated episode set in the universe of Scooby-Doo. At Jus In Bello Italy 2017 Jared and Jensen confirmed it would be the 16th episodes, and that they along with Misha, had already recorded the dialogue for the episode at Bryan Adams studio in Vancouver.

It was also announced that Supernatural would retain its 8pm Thursday slot for the next season, although it would now be followed by Arrow.


Jared, Jensen and Misha doing their best photo-op poses at the Upfronts, 2018.

Jared, Jensen and Misha appeared at the CW Network's Upfront presentation held at The London Hotel on Thursday (May 17) in New York, with their presentation focusing on their 14th season and upcoming 300th episode. Earlier in the day CW President Mark Pedowitz had confirmed that the Wayward Sisters spin-off would not be picked up as it was not "creatively where they wanted it to be."


Jared, Jensen and Misha at the 2019 Upfronts

Jared, Misha and Jensen appeared at the CW Network Upfront presentation held on Thursday May 16 in New York, with their presentation focusing on the final season. It was confirmed that the show would remain on Thursdays at 8pm for Season 15.

CW president Mark Pedowitz admitted “It was a puddle of tears from everybody.” when Jared and Jensen told him they wished to finish up the show. “It was about family, about seeing their kids grow up. They wanted to go out when the show was still as strong as possible. And as much as I probably begged for them not to do this, I understood... and basically we all were on the same page.”

Jared and Jensen confirmed they would be meeting with showrunners Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer and the writers in Los Angles in a couple of weeks to discuss the direction of the final season. Asked what they thought the final episode would bring, Jensen quoted the late Kim Manners who had said "Give 'em what they want, in a way they won't expect."

Jared - selfie master
Jared and Jensen doing a giant CW selfie
Jensen posted on his IG


Supernatural may have ended but the CW Upfronts were still dominated by Jared, Jensen and Misha. They appeared on stage with CEO Mark Pedowitz, jokingly pitching shows to him, and taking an on-stage selfie which Misha tweeted saying "The boys are back in town. #CWUpfront. Later Jared took a selfie of the whole CW crew.

Jared - selfie master again
Jared, Jensen and Misha selfie

The Winchesters

The Winchesters will debut in the fall on Tuesday nights at 8pm.

Jojo, Nadia, Drake, Meg and Demetria
Drake, Meg, Danneel and Jensen
The cast on stage with Jensen
Jensen's nailart

Walker: Independence

Walker Independence will air at 9pm after Walker on Thursday night.

Cast of Walker: Independence - Justin Johnson Cortez, Katie Findlay Kat McNamara, Matt Barr, Lawrence Kao and Philemon Chambers
Jared on stage for Walker and Walker:Independence

Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights will have a mid-season launch, probably in January 2023.

Misha on stage with co-stars Oscar Morgan, Olivia Rose Keegan and Navia Robinson