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Basic Statistics

  • Born on September 27, 1973.
  • Daughter of Kimiko and Akihiko Nakamura.
  • Enjoys watching people suffer and likes causing pain to anyone that serves her.

Location= Hell.

Occupation= Hunter.


  • Has not been killed yet.
Mika Nakamura:
Birthplace: The Underworld.
Physical description: 5'5", 138lbs, black hair, hazel eyes.


Mika wields a Triple Bladed blood stained Scythe, a Kikuichimonji Katana, and a Dell Laptop in case research is needed.

Powers and Abilities


Much like Sam Winchester, Mika can force a demon to leave it's host through sheer force of will.


Again; like Sam, Mika has immunity to demonic possessions thanks to a pentagram tattoo located on the back of her right hand.

Torture and Execution

With the right amount of demon blood, Mika's abilities are strong enough to kill a demon inside the person it grabbed hold of.

Other information

As of right now, her soul is currently in tact and she has not had any issues with fighting or other things like that. More or less, she has been off duty for a while, wandering about the mortal world. Also known as Earth, waiting for that special someone to come and capture her heart and serve her for all eternity.