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Mary T.

  • Located in the U.S. of A; the Midwest where the winters are long and cold and the summers are blistering. I'm actually within an hours driving distance of the real Lawrence, Kansas and have visited several times. I've seen the real gate to Hell, Stull Cemetary.
  • Full time student in college for Criminal Justice in Police Science
  • Have a very healthy appetite for demonology and angelology as well as theology and the general study of American urban legend and backcountry Lore (sure as Hell have enough of it around here...)
  • Equestrian of twenty one years
  • Been a SUPERNATURAL-aholic since "Pilot" way back in 2005


Big interest and a lot of study in demonology and angelology as well as legend and lore on creatures and spirits and so on. Have been working on compositing a journal/dictionary/guidebook of oogily-boogilies since the age of ten and only got spurred on to deepen the work with the addiction that came along with SUPERNATURAL. I'm particularly interested in Native American lore and Irish/Irish-American legend. I'm especially big on equine and equestrian lore.

My life revolves around horses. Pain and pleasure (and there is plenty of both), I've been riding for twenty-one years in western saddle and have done some cow work but nothing real extensive beyond trail rides. I currently own two American Paint Horses, a black breeder-stock mare, Magic (12) and a black overo gelding, Voodoo (4) whom I am currently re-breaking and trying to reform. It's hard going but hopefully when he's done he'll be a great little trail/work horse. I have books, artwork, clothing, figures, toys, trinkets and countless over. My patron saints are Martin and George and Saint Michael. Its an addiction that will kill me one day but at least I'll die happy.

I'm also into the arts. I've done a lot of fine arts, like painting and printing and pencil/pen work but I have mostly returned to creative writing. I have a lot of stuff built up on my hard drive in original work and fan work. You can see my SUPERNATURAL universe (Like Us) at my fanfiction site featuring the character Celia (Mamin) Northwind, who I took my log in name from. Check it out some time.

I am addicted to tattooing, too. I draw and design all the works that I will eventually have done. I have one shoulder sleeve already designed to show my interest in demon/angelology as well as double as a tribute to SUPERNATURAL. The other sleeve will mostly be celtic knot work and tribal horse designs and the back a design/tribute to the four saints/angels that I have the most faith in and the greatest influence of my life.

Among other things I love my Ford F150 pickup truck, my dogs, a pair of jeans that fit just right, a long book, horror/supernatural movies, a hot cup of bitter coffee, a hot mug of chai tea, a good saddle, boots that fit, peonies, dusty, cattle, firearms and ammunition new and old and taking that big buck during season.


Misha Collins.jpg

Been watching since day one. I bawled my eyes out when Sam died and cussed until I screamed when Dean did. I've hated just about every additional character they've ever put into the story line except for Bobby and Poppa Winchester. THey finally got it right with me when Castiel walked into that sanctuary and said his name. I'm about as devoted to him now as I am the brothers.

I was unsure about the series until 1.12 Faith, that was the one that sealed the deal. I have been devoted ever since. And have been an avid Ackles addict since I saw him in a short video done WAY before he was even working for the Cw company much less SUPERNATURAL where he was getting interviewed while riding around on one of his horses. (The bay had a freeze brand on his shoulder in the shape of a heart and thats the exact same shae of the freeze brands we use on our horses). Best actor ever, just for that. If I EVER get in the same room with him I'm grilling him until he can't see straight about horses.

Here's the video: Jensen Ride.

FANFICTION: I have spent a fair amount of energy on a fan fiction AU in the SUPERNATURAL fandom commonly called the 'HORSEBACK' or 'LikeUS' universe that is made up of a main post titled 'Like Us But On Horseback' and a number of oneshots. They can be read at