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Hello. I am a new casual fan of the television show Supernatural and my interest in this wiki is to learn more about the series. I have created an account after noticing many grammatical and syntactical errors throughout many articles and I seek to correct and modify these articles according to established style so that there is a high quality of accuracy and use for users.

Thanks for stopping by! Any suggestions that you may have are welcomed and I would love to read any comments you have.

What I'm Up To

Completed checking all IMDb, iTunes, and Amazon links in all episode pages's info boxes.


The following encapsulates long-term activities that I plan to undertake.

New content

  1. Investigate developing info boxes for use on Characters pages
    • Include character headshot or other image; actor name; episode appearances; any other relevant biographical information.
    • Consider development of an article to contain minor characters of little to no notability

Articles to revise

So far:

  1. Dean's Amulet
    • Restructure hierarchy to better present amulet within the scope of the show and its mythology.
    • Add content on mythology surrounding the amulet that exists outside the show's mythology.
    • Replace low-resolution images with high-resolution counterparts.
    • Add fair-use rationale to existing copyrighted works to comply with Super-wiki:Copyright & Disclaimer.
  2. Voodoo in New Orleans
    • Expand on present content
    • Add verifiable sources and citations
  3. Spoilers
    • Modify "wall of text" into something more structured and easier to read.