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Your theories were mind blowing. Here is my opinion on the matter.

I semi agree with some of your statements. Although I totally agree with you when you stated that, "Common sense would tell you that if Lucifer could keep God Himself under a spell, he would most definitely have done it by now." I do believe that God in Supernatural verse in more powerful than Death. Although Death is more powerful than War, Famine and Pestilence, all of which need their Rings to function, where as Death does not. But I do believe that Death is close to being all-powerful; Lucifer went through all the trouble releasing Death, which to me says Death is capable of performing nigh-omnipotent feats. Although I must disagree with you as far as the Horsemen being more powerful than Archangels; Lucifer the archangel was able to cast a binding spell on Death. -- SonicShocker, 6:50 PM, July 27th 2010

Hi there,

I looked at your user page, and it amazed me how many websites you contribute to. So, do you have any thoughts on the up-coming 6th season? -- SonicShocker, 6:52 PM, August 18th 2010