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I understand that you disagree about removing vocal tics from quotes but it greatly decreases readibility when every "uh" or "um" is included, as does the overuse of elipses to indicate pauses. This is standard practice when quoting speech. So the SueprWiki style will be to remove them. Thanks. Missyjack (talk) 05:47, 28 February 2019 (UTC)

Not much point in me being here, then, is there? - beanmom

I'm sorry you feel like that, I really value your contributions. Im only asking for a consistency with regards to how we format quotes. i have alerted other regular editors to this as well. Missyjack (talk)

Hey there - thanks for all the great work you are doing on the Wiki! I am excited for season 14, and so just wanted to give the regular editors a few updates:

  • We have a team set up to do the synopses and transcripts for Season 14, so hopefully they will be completed quickly.
  • We will refer to Michael (Apocalypse World) as Michael (check the edit page to see how this is coded). i have set up a redirect for AU Michael which is what I have been told the writers refer to the character as.
  • I have set up a page Things to do. I am just adding entries here when i notice they are incomplete, so if you are looking for something to do, please check in here! And please feel free to add any entries you notice need updating or some editing work. I will also make note here of any substantial changes i make like page redirects or deletions as my edits don't show up in the "recent changes" list.
  • Unless an entry's specifically designed to be a listing of all occurrences of something - like Hugs or Son of a Bitch in the Documentation of Minutiae category, i would prefer that we only list "significant episodes" for example with the Men of Letters Bunker.
  • When creating a new entry, please check first to see whether there is a similar existing page. Also make sure you link to and back from other related pages.

Thank you! And please drop me a line if you have any questions or suggestions! cheers Jules / Managing Editor

Hi - In exciting news we will be upgrading the MediaWiki software and migrating to a new server over the next week. I would appreciate it if you can not make any edits to the website until after next Monday to assist with this. I will let you know when the migration is complete, and will look forward to your feedback on how the new site operates. Thanks again for all your Wiki work! cheers Jules

Hi - thanks for the offer of help. I got a bit behind in things as i was at HonCon. Back home and updating now! Missyjack (talk)

As a thank you to all the regular Wiki editors, i'd like to send you this SPNFamily Pin I have made. If you'd like to send me your postal address at I will pop one in the mail to you. And roll on Season 13! Cheers Jules / Managing Editor