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Hi there, Welcome to Supernatural Wiki. Thanks for editing the pages Zachariah, and Seraph. Leave a message on my Discussion page if you need anything.

Anderson Writer, APRIL 8th 2010 (UTC)

Please try to keep your edits canon-related. Nephilims for example, haven't been seen or mentioned in Supernatural. And even though you said so on the page it still shouldn't be on this Wiki.

Thank you,

SonicShocker, August 1st, 2010 (UTC)

Hi - just re: the page you have created "Dream!Dean" . I am going to delete the page for a couple of reasons. Firstly "Dream!Dean" is not a creation of Jeremy, he is actually a manifestation of part of Dean's subconscious. The same as when Bobby is trapped in his dream, everything he sees there is a manifestation of his guilt over killing his wife. I'll edit the episode entry to make this clearer. Additionally the term dream!Dean isn't used within canon or fandom (for example the way Future!Dean has been used with respect to 2014 version of Dean in 5.04 The End. If you want to add some commentary on this, tis best added to the Dean page. Thanks. --Missyjack 03:10, 26 March 2011 (UTC)