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Dead in the Water: under minutiae, Jared's hand: Scribd link is paywalled + source link is unusable b/c zap2it used commas in the url,1002,271%7C97261%7C1%7C,00.html

If you're gonna keep adding Tumblr links from random people on all the pages, please refrain from removing sections such as the Apocrypha section on the Reapers page. Mikael (talk)

You shouldn't add Tumblr posts to episode pages. There are too many and who's to dictate the criteria of what meta should be included? One person's Tumblr blog isn't more important than another person's, and it would be exhausting to add to every page. Best leave them out of episode pages. Mikael (talk)

Please refrain from adding meta to episode pages. Who is Silvia Bond? Why is her analysis from a dead link important enough for inclusion? We shouldn't be propping up any one's opinion as mattering more in episode pages. There's a reason why the pages have never included them before. Mikael (talk)

You still have explained why certain blog posts / analysis are deemed important enough for inclusion over literally anyone's. This stuff shouldn't just be arbitrarily added to episode pages. Why are these opinions being put on a pedestal? Why is one person's LJ or Tumblr page deemed worthy of being read? Mikael (talk)