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Just wanted apologize for my error with the addition of 5.04 information in the Easter Eggs page. I'm new to the Wiki and appreciate all the help I can get. I added the promo info because it had been aired. Again, I apologize for the error.

I know there is additional help for adding media to the page but I am confused as to how one would go about adding and properly attributing screen shots from programs. Could you assist me with this or perhaps point me to a tutorial? Thank you in advance.

Sincerely, DMentis

hey, no problem! as admins, we're here to help out in any way. generally, we try to keep screenshots etc. to a relative minimum. if you want to upload a file, you can do so via the toolbox. make sure it's not too big (the page specifies what is too big, btw, but as we're on the interwebs, try to keep the pic around max 100 kb.). when you upload, give your image a name. we encourage people to name screenshots a bit like this 3.05 - screenshot of xxx. Please start the name of the image with the episode number - it's easier to find afterwards. Also, please categorize the image as you would a page in the Summary. This page here tells you how to write in a category (btw, if you build a new page on the wiki, we need to categorize this too, and this is how it is done as well). A category would be Canon, or Fandom, or Library, and then there are sub-categories in each section. Alternatively, edit the page you want the picture to use in, copy and paste the Category links then into the Summary of the image you want to upload. (you find these category links at the bottom of the page).

And alternatively, you can IM on google talk, I'm nuttersincorporated.

Hope that helped! Have fun with the wiki,

Lea ndra 05:43, 30 September 2009 (UTC)