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All comments welcome.



Hi MisterGlass always happy to answer any of your question but I completely agree with you both of just simple have to different methods of how to handle editing work on a page thats all it is basically in the end. But go right ahead and change those three pages back if you want thats ok with me. Maybe if the the situation comes up again next time just simply let me know you want to make a certain editing change thats all. Oh and before I forget I wanted to ask you a question a while back you were working on page that dealt with how characters died in a episode and I found a editing correction for you it was about how the Alpha Shapeshifter died on the top section of the list which is episode one I saw Mary Winchester wasn't in that section why is that out of curiousity. If you know the answer to that question just let me know. Oh well talk to you later how did you like tonights Supernatural episode I thought it was awsome.

From Rod12

Hi MisterGlass the reason I added the History Title to certain pages like Fallen Angels, Reaper and Alpha was because I felt that the pages looked better organized with that History Title rather than having no title at all and simply having the words floating. I do understand your side of the issue of the information on page is real short there doesn't real need to be a History Type Title on the page like the three you list but those three you list are not exactly real short they do have some length to them maybe not the Fallen Angels one but the other two do. Overall my whole intention with the History Title was basically about organizing the page better that was my overall goal. If you want to change it back I'm ok with it or will just talk some more about the issue which is ok with me just send me another message. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Hi MisterGlass if the dashes need to be on the page for the Ark of The Covenant you can put them back if you want I wasn't totally sure if they needed to be there are not. Thanks for letting me know about the issue and also thanks for the help on the issue of the Blade that can Kill Fate it was very helpful from my end. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Hi MisterGlass I recently thought of an idea regarding the minor character pages of characters that just have a few lines on the page. The idea is creating a giant list page for these minor character pages kind of like a big glossary index this page would contain only minor characters that have pages that have very little information on them. Mind you I'm not going to create this page I just thought since you and me were recently talking about minor character pages on the site here this idea would be a better method of dealing with minor characters on the site here then just creating pages with very little information on them. If your interested in the idea and think the idea should be used on the site that would be good news but I'm absolutely ok if you think it isn't needed for the site. Overall I'm just letting you know about the idea since you and me were talking about minor character pages recently and wanted to here your thought on this idea that I came up with. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Hi MisterGlass the whole goal with the Outline I guess you can call it that you have seen me put on the character pages on the site but most recently with the minor character such as the excample you gave with the hunter Jefferson was kind of so the page could be more organized that was the main goal. But me and User:Anderson54 have been doing similar type work to other character pages on the site so they could be more organized and restructered with the template and a outline for the character pages on the site. I've been working with User:Anderson54 on this type of editing work mainly and I believe at least from what User:Anderson54 has told me User:Missyjack knows about the editing work we have been doing but I could be wrong. But I do understand your side of issue so if you want to undo the editing work I have been doing on the minor character pages like Jefferson for excample I'm ok with it. If you have any other questions for me or want to talk more about this issue just let me know and I'll be happy to answer them. Hope I didn't cause any problems from your end or in general. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Hi MisterGlass no problem with the Alpha Shapeshifer always happy to help out in any way possible. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12


The sixth season is mind-blowing. I can't wait till tomorrow night!

- Confused Koopa Kid, Oct 7th 2010

I just have a quick question for you. In episode 6.03 The Third Man, near the end, did you notice the guy who had a frog stuck in his throat? As an observer, I noticed that this guy's clothing (expensive suit, tie, and nice pants) suggests that he was a "Henchman angel". This then brings forward the question: Can angels be affected by the power of the Staff of Moses? In my opinion, I would've said yes at first. But then I remembered episode 5.21 Two Minutes To Midnight; Pestilence was shocked when he saw that his power (Pestilence's powers are very similar to that of the Staff of Moses) affected Castiel, who is an angel; then he realized that Cas was powerless. So these two theories contradict one another. What's your opinion? So when you get a chance, please post your opinion on my discussion page. Thanks

- Confused Koopa Kid, Oct 26th 2010

I've been doing some in-depth research on disease manipulation as it appears in the Supernatural verse. So far, the only account in which it appears is in 5.21 and 6.03. Only the Staff of Moses and Pestilence can manipulate plagues and diseases. But after Lucifer was released from his Cage in 5.01, swine flu suddenly spreads and kills many people. So can Lucifer control diseases too, or was it Pestilence who did this? It is quite likely that it was Pestilence, mainly because when Lucifer was freed from Hell, War's "beeper went off", so it leads me to assume that Pestilence was also altered when the Devil arrived on Earth, in which he caused the spread of the swine flu in 5.01.

Confused Koopa Kid, Oct 30th 2010

Hello again! Is Gabriel's Horn of Truth an actual weapon? I would assume so because, Castiel tells Dean that it’s not on Earth and that something else is invoking humans to speak the truth. So should I add a page that concerns the weapon?

Confused Koopa Kid, Oct 31st 2010

Hey MisterGlass! Just out of pure curiosity, do think that we'll see God during the course of Season six? It would certainly make Supernatural end on a good note; think about it: We've seen angels, demons, lesser gods, but not God Himself.

Anderson54, November 12th 2010

Hey MisterGlass! I highly disagree with the statements that you presented on my Talk page. The ideas below directly coincide with why I think God may make an appearance in Season six.

1. Joshua specifically told both Dean and Sam that God is currently on Earth. And because we the 'audience' haven't be told anything different since then, I assume that God is still present on Earth - I strongly believe that if God is still on Earth, it means that he has something further to demonstrate/present. Also, during a recent interview with Sera Gamble, she tells the interviewer that Death the Pale Horseman might be returning for Season six; and if this adequate and true than God would be the one strong enough who could control/withstand him.

2. For some odd reason I've been having a certain image of God himself in his true likeness (or through a Vessel) congratulating Dean and Sam for their courage and bravery. And I assume that something similar might occur in Supernatural.

3. The King of Hell, which as of now happens to be Crowley, possesses an overwhelming amount of authority and power. And if Crowley doesn’t uphold his deal which was returning Sam's soul, the only of entity that could give Sam back his soul would be God himself.

Anderson54, November 15th 2010

Hello again! Would you mind giving me your current email address (if you have one)?

Anderson54, November 19th 2010

Hey there! I have a few quick questions for you. Firstly, when you edit and reorganize information presented on a page, what is your though and thinking process to which determines what you present on a particular page? Your edits seem to concern re-condensing and in some instances your approach concerns re-articulation through re-wording certain and particular paragraphs. For example, the Host page, what's with the major re-wording? I mean, I created the page about a year or so ago, and I truly understand and fathom how to create and set up pages in a formal manner. Yes, I'll admit that the re-condensing was necessary but why did you re-word sentences in the leaders of the host section? Just something to think about.

Anderson54, December 9th 2010

Hey there! So what did you think about 6.11? It was very intense, consuming and intriguing. I personally think that Sam will eventually "scratch" at the mental barrier that is holding his "hell experience" back. What do you think?

Anderson54, December 22nd 2010

Hey there! I just as of recently created and added a new page to this Wiki titled "Manifestation". Please take a look at the page - I already filtered through angelic manifestations as they occurred in Supernatural and I inserted these important occurrences in the page relevant to angelic manifestations. Can you insert episode info and details concerning important demonic manifestations which is under another section titled "Important Occurrences with Demons"?

That would serve and help me tremendously!

Thank you!!

Anderson54, December 26th 2010

Hey there! I finished the "Manifestation" page - This page is now complete and finalized. Take a look its actually quite genius.. Haha. But you should seriously take a look at it in its finalized form.

Anderson54, December 26th 2010

Hey there! How was your Christmas? I have a Quick Question and Request: Why do you continuously change and revert my edits. Do you have particular standards and criteria? If so, what are they? Can you please only change my edits for good reason instead of because you like how your edits looks, as that gets very annoying to me..

Thanks for your time.

Anderson54, January 10th 2011

Hey there! I'm glad that your holidays went well. Mine was great; it mainly consisted of hanging out with family members and gift shopping... Concerning edits: At the current moment, no there are no documentations that I would like changed... But for example: Let's say I insert the word paramount in Angel Lore and you change it and insert leader... What's the purpose or goal of that? And I thank you, and I now understand and fathom that you're not trying to be a pest by annoying me... Please get back to me on how you break and insert details and I'll respond and give you mine.

Anderson54, January 11th 2011

Hey there!! I as of just a few days ago erased a lot of the info on Hell's page and inserted more canonical-based info that sounds more professional. Right now, I'm profusely updating the page to maintain clarity. Please take a look at it and get back to me by leaving a message on my talk page.

Anderson54, January 11th 2011

Quick Question. In your opinion, where do you think that Death's cage or cell is located? I personally believe that its separate from Hell but it must have an exact position. Bobby's comment to Dean suggests that his cage is under the Earth's crust... But I think that it has a distinct location other than just being under the Earth, as he is too powerful to be contained in such a manner... Bobby also said that he "was hauled up, Noah was building a boat" (more than likely hauled up by Heaven or even God). Or his cell could have been interconnected with Heaven, which would make Bobby's comment metaphorical. Or it could be in a different dimension. What do you think?

Anderson54, January 11th 2011

Quick Question. Castiel describes his true angelic shape as being as big as The Chrysler Building and Lucifer's angelic form proved to be that big when he was set freeSympathy For The Devil

But then how can angels dwell in humans effectively if their true bodies are larger then a vessel? Could it be possible that they can minimize their physical angelic physique allowing them to enter a human? It is also likely that angels while using vessels act as puppet masters where they control the human's thoughts, actions and speech from above?

Anderson54, January 12th 2011

I'll start working on reorganizing information presented under the first heading. But I thought my editing has been very accurate and canonical and I'm doing a great job inserting good info on the page... Concerning Lucifer's true form being seen: In 5.01 Sympathy For The Devil, Lucifer's true likeness or complexion is seen when the large "pillar" of light shoots from the Cage, reaching the height of The Chrysler Building. That pillar is his true form. When I thought of this, I went and asked Missyjack and she agreed with me on that..

Anderson54, January 12th 2011

I just finished reorganizing/re-prioritizing the paragraphs on the Hell page and I deleted repetitive information. Please don't change the page drastically as I worked very hard on the page by inserting episodes references to the end of most sentences so that all users can see factual information. What else needs work? Oh and by the way, Admin Missyjack commented to me and said that I've done a great job on the Hell page - it looks fantastic. So its fine just the way it is!

Quick speculation. As we all know: Death is the oldest Horseman due to the fact that he was present during the origin of time. I think that War was the second Horseman to emerge, and here's why: Battle, war and conflict began in Heaven with Lucifer by his bickering and constant disputes towards God's orders, thus giving meaning and structure to the entity War. What do you think? And by the way, do you have a favorite Horseman?

Anderson54, January 13th 2011

In 5.19 Hammer Of The Gods and 5.20 The Devil You Know, black bugs appear and are associations of Pestilence. What do they symbolize and mean? Could it be likely that they represent how he can manifest on Earth? Or could they be servants of him, as a swarm of them accompanied him in his car.

Anderson54, January 13th 2011

Quick question concerning Castiel's encounters with Famine and Pestilence: In 5.14 My Bloody Valentine, Castiel ultimately fell victim to Famine's power that poisoned the air through traits of his Vessel. In 5.21 Two Minutes To Midnight, Castiel on the verge of becoming mortal, also fell victim to Pestilence's power. From all of that, I personally gather and intelligently assume that angels that are cut off from Heaven become acceptable and vulnerable to powers of the Four Horsemen. What's your opinion?

Anderson54, January 17th 2011

Pure speculation: I think that the individual rings belonging to each Horsemen, symbolically represent their "weapon" or "implement" they traditionally bear or carry in lore. For instance, Famine's ring may symbolize the set of scales used in lore, War's ring may also symbolize his red sword used in lore. And as for Death and Pestilence's representations, Death isn't foretold to be bearing a weapon but in many depictions, he bears a scythe; and Pestilence is often incorporated with Death. If this is accurate, then that would explain why they are all rendered weaker and basically all get deprogrammed once they lose physical connection with their ring except for Death - Because they require their ring as it is their "weapon" needed to further the Apocalypse. What is your opinion on the matter? I hope that that all made sense to you... And if you don't understand this, PLEASE read all the sections on this site and it should give you an understanding on what I'm talking about:

Anderson54, January 18th 2011

Concerning powers and abilities of demons while occupying a meatsuit: In 3.09 Malleus Maleficarum, Dean Winchester uses the Colt on a demonic witch called Tammi; however, before the bullet reaches her, she stops it in mid-shot using telekinesis... In my honest opinion, i believe not even demons can stop bullets because they, like humans, wouldn't have time to successfully stop or react to the shot UNLESS they possess super-speed in which case would make it possible for demons to do it. What's your opinion on the matter? I would really like to hear your input as demons having super=speed has always been an interest of mine. During demonic possession, meatsuits more than likely are able to use superhuman speed as their bodies are physically enhanced in attributes of pain threshold and strength exertion.

Anderson54, January 18th 2011

Concerning headings and subheadings specifically pertaining to the ones titled history and origin: You stated on Rod12's talk page that those headings don't seem appropriate for many pages on this wiki; and I totally agree with you, as those types of headings don't seem applicable for most pages. I prefer using headings and sub clauses like characteristics which then creates a broader spectrum in which anything concerning the character's activities, actions, opinions, duties and tendencies can be included as that term basically encompasses everything pertaining to the entity. Also, you may want to recommend to him to use words like quailites, properties, attributes and etc for headings of pages as these words incoperate a lot and are more genral.

Anderson54, January 20th 2011

Pure speculation: Recently, I've been viewing, studying and profusely researching the pages of the four individual Horsemen. Although this is not currently Canon oriented, I believe that the Horsemen were born and conceived in this exact order: Death, War, Pestilence and Famine - We both fathom that Death is the eldest of the three as it it Canon and I already described my thoughts on how War may be the second oldest... Now, constant view point of mine lead to me believe that Pestilence may have been born after War because in Heaven, the disputes and protests "spread" throughout the Host, which describes Pestilence's power, e.g. being able to cause lines and drastic epidemics on a global scale... So what do you think on the matter?

Anderson54, January 21st 2011

Anderson54, January 18th 2011

I am currently gathering users of this wiki to a single, meaningful and important cause which is: Reconstructing and reprioritizing all the information documented on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse page starting from the characteristic heading, as it needs major work and certain common ground rules or parameters must be established. Please get back to me with your stance and opinion on this.

Anderson54, January 24th 2011

So are you willing to aid me in this task of reconstructing the Horsemen page?

Anderson54, January 24th 2011

I think I fixed everything except for the 'attributes' section which needs major re-ordering and reconstruction.

Anderson54, January 24th 2011

Pure speculation: Remember when Michael claims that he can inhabit any human that is of the Winchester bloodline because they're descendants of Cain and Abel? Well why did Michael and Lucifer go through all the trouble of trying to obtain consent from Dean and Sam Winchester when they could have easily resurrected Cain and Abel and then could have used them as their Vessels instead? Because if what Michael said was true then they could have done the following.

Anderson54, January 25th 2011

No, actually it wasn't a repeat of the other paragraph that you presented. On the contrary, the paragraph I typed only concerned them as they appear in common lore, whereas the one you typed concerned how they appear in the show as you said that in this interpretation that Pestilence replaces Death. But in lore that isn't true.

Anderson54, January 28th 2011

Concerning my current documented theory on the representation of the Four Horsemen's rings: I still think that their rings in Supernatural serve as the weapons they carry in lore because I just recently recalled that Death was the only Horseman to not have carried a weapon in lore, although he owned a scythe but in all of my research not once has the text counted it as a weapon. And in my opinion, this complies to Canon because Death is the only Horseman that doesn't need his ring to focus his abilities whereas the other Horsemen need their rings to focus their abilities. And the fact that Supernatural has introduced the scythe seems to suggest that the producers did in fact intend for the rings to represents their weapons. Any thoughts on the matter?

Anderson54, February 4th 2011

Hey there!! How are you doing? I hope you enjoyed Episode 15 like I did; it was great all-around, not to mention an "out of the box" phenomenon to watch. Additionally, do you know of any pages that need immediate attention?

Anderson54, February 27th 2011

Hey there!! I just wanted to comment on your post which you documented on Admin Missyjack's Talk page pertaining to the whole 'pronoun' issue. I'd say that "We" as a wiki community should still say "he" when referring to the Archangel Raphael because he is a 'male' angel respectively just as Anna is understood as a 'female' angel. Technically, the host or vessels in which angels occupy do become a part of the angel is some respect but personally, I think we should stick with the contrary pronoun "he" for Raphael.

Anderson54, February 28th 2011

Why did you change the edit I made on Castiel's page under the "Characteristics" heading which read: "As of 6.15 The French Mistake, he currently holds Heaven's Weapons and will most likely win the war in Heaven against Raphael." It was definitely a factual statement and not speculative. Castiel even said himself, "Whoever holds the weapons wins the war." Right there, proves what I said was true. Despite the fact that it hasn't happened yet, it will because Castiel now holds Heaven's Weapons.

Anderson54, March 2nd 2011

I have a quick fun question for you: In your opinion, do you think that any four of the Archangels created by God could kill Eve, the Mother of All? Just something I pondered for second...

Anderson54, March 5th 2011

Dear MisterGlass,

I am a new user here at Supernatural Wiki, also called the Super-Wiki, and I was wondering if you off hand, know of any pages that need attention and work to further this site? Also, on a side note, I am a top-wiki user on many different sites on the web and I know all about headings/subheadings, brackets/links, refs, proper grammar, word usages, etc.

ImperiexSeed, 5:12 PM, March 15th 2011

Dear MisterGlass,

Hey! To answer your recent question, I am not completely done with the Michael page, as I still would like to condense the information there and make some other minor changes to the page. Thanks for asking; it was quite considerate of you. I should be done in the next half-hour (starting from 8:34 PM).

ImperiexSeed, 8:34 PM, March 28th 2011

Dear ImperiexSeed,

First, I just want to apologize for being so blunt. Regarding your ideas, sure, add them :) Also, I don't know about you, but, persoally, I am a bit weary about them continuing with a seventh season - I mean, what else can they do it on? -- ImperiexSeed, 10:28 PM, May 4th 2011

Hey dude!! It's definitely been a while, hasn't it? ;) I apologize I haven't been on much, it's just that I've been really busy on my end! Now down to business, I really think this wiki needs a locationtemplate, which boxes the important stats of information of a given location, like how object pages have their own template. I'd like to get your opinion on this. Can I create one? -- ImperiexSeed, 9:03 PM, August 16th 2011

There's no reason to be rude, by sarcastically saying, "Have a nice day". Anyways, I thought my envision for it was quite clear, I guess not. I was thinking I could added something similar in form as the weapontemplate, being direct details in the template itself, like where it's located, additional site information, and so on... Good day, sir! -- ImperiexSeed, 9:42 PM, August 16th 2011


Hello, I would like to get your opinion on the following. On Demonology page it says that Azazel "is considered the demons leader, almost in a prophet-like sense". So would it be canonical to say that he's the viceroy of Hell? And I would not even consider Lucifer as the viceroy of Hell, for two reasons. Reason1: He was kept in Lucifer's Cage which is not connected to Hell. Reason2: Lucifer doesn't care about demons; the only reason he created them was so that they would release him from his cage, but other than that he doesn't need them. And in 5.10 Abandon All Hope, he had no problem sacrificing many demons. I would like to add it to his 'Occupation' section of his Template. I mean, he's been the only demon with Yellow eyes. And he is quite separate from other demons; he is immune to Holy Water, and is unaffected by a salt barrier, and he can also possess other supernatural beings such as a Reaper, where as normal demons cannot. So what’s your opinion? -- GrammarKing, 8:51 PM, July 22nd 2010 (UTC)

Hello again, do you think it would be okay to call Azazel a Private 2 Class Demon? I mean, the demonic hierarchical operates like the U.S. Military. So wouldn't Sam be Private 1, because he is the Vessel for the Devil, although I won't put Private 1 on Sam's page (Azazel even considered the Vessel for Lucifer as his leader). So what’s your opinion? -- GrammarKing, 10:03 PM, July 22nd 2010 (UTC)

Do you think that it would be appropriate if I added the Weapon Template to Holy Oil page? I mean, technically, it’s not a weapon, but it is a tool/method used by some hunters. CrescentMoonBlade, 12:14, July 24th 2010


Hi there,

I have a quick question for you.

In Supernatural, do you think that God created Hell? I mean, I'd assume that God created Lucifer's Cage, mainly because it didn't exist prior to his incarceration. And in the Bible, it was God who created Hell, and not Lucifer. Although Lucifer did create demons.

What's your opinion on the matter?

SonicShocker, 10:24 AM, August 3rd 2010


I have another quick question.

Do you think that it would be okay to add superhuman speed under demon powers? I mean, they do possess superhuman strength. So then why wouldn't they possess other attributes that relate to the body?

Hi there,

I have a quick question for you concerning the four horsemen.

I just recently constructed a theory on the War, Famine and Pestilence's existence. You know how they become unresponsive without their rings? Well, I think that their essence/existence is contained within their rings.

In Revelations, John foretells of War's arrival, stating that War burning like torch will fall from the heavens and land on Earth (in most translations he calls War Wormwood. In Supernatural is seemed like War actually fell from the sky; that would explain why the bridge in Colorado was destroyed. An impact like that would definitely ruin a bridge. And it seemed like before War landed on Earth he was body less, so War fell in the form of a ring (his ring)

I may be totally wrong, and War, Famine and Pestilence might have 'true forms' like angels, but instead of possessing someone they morph into a human. Or War may have just altered everyone’s perception, making it look like he had a body. But that wouldn't possible for Famine and Pestilence.

Brady implied that once a horseman's ring is removed they will remain disabled, and placing the ring back on their finger would have no affect.

What's your opinion on the matter? --

SonicShocker, 6:25 PM, August 6th 22nd 2010 (UTC)

Hi there,

I have a question for you.

Do you have any thoughts or theories on who manufactured angel killing swords? I know that it was never mentioned who actually created these swords, but I'm still curious as to who may have made the angel killing swords. I personally think that God didn't make these angelic-weapons, mainly because: Why would God create a weapon that can kill his own family/soldiers? However, it is quite possible that angels may have manufactured their own swords. Although this theory is seems highly-unlikely, mainly because: It appears as if some angels, such as Castiel, don't have their own angelic-swords; Castiel obtained an angel killing sword some time after Anna killed Uriel. I also noticed that Michael didn't bring an archangel killing sword to Stull Cemetery where he was destined to battle Lucifer; Gabriel owns this type of weapon, so I would assume that Michael does too. But why didn't he bring his archangel killing sword to the battle field? It would be the easiest way to kill Lucifer. It is also possible that these angelic-swords have an Earth origin, like Holy Oil, which Castiel obtained from Jerusalem.

Any thoughts on the matter?

SonicShocker, 1:21 PM, August 13th 2010


You know what i'd like to see supernatural do, a Succubus. I mean they are pretty popular and i dont think any shows has done one before(besides the parody version from south park) I think it would be interesting, kind of like the deadly sin lust as a demon like on episode 3.01, except its got bat-like wings, horns and fangs. I think they should do Rusalka. Rusalka is a succubus and is also a "water spirit" like on "dead in the water". That is a neat mix plus i like the name "Rusalka." I also think they should have like an incubus as well, so its like 2 alternative "Lust Demons," like the Siren, on the same episode, and it tears the brothers apart again.

What do you think?

User:hellhoundofhorror, 8:08 PM, August 6th 2010

ok but i think they should do legendary creatures like nessy and bigfoot, like how dean always says, "well bigfoots a hoax." and then like their really is, that would be kinda funny

User:hellhoundofhorror, 1:00 PM, August 7th 2010

Yeah like they would get mixed up thinking it was a hellhound or something, and what if there was both? cool huh? I also think they should do some more work on the werewolves, i like how they make them different from everyone elses but still, they need more detail, and also they should have an episode where they actually show a demons face

What do you think?

User:hellhoundofhorror, 3:28 PM, August 7th 2010

Yeah but they should at least explain the whole big deal with chuck. I mean is he an angel, has he been given certain abilities, or better yet, is chuck god? and i know that eric kripke confirmed he will not be explaining it nor even having chuck on the show. but still, give me demon faces or give me god lol. and what about Jesus Christ? Why dont they tie him in to all this if they have angels, demons, God, archangels but no jesus!? or maybe chuck is jesus?


User:hellhoundofhorror, 10:03 PM, August 7th 2010

Also, they said they will be bringing at least one horseman back, so my prediction is that one of them get their hands on their ring and continue wreaking havoc, and i think it will have to be the horseman Death. This is because his history is interesting and he is so completely powerful, plus we never saw him in action. also, he said he would reap God, so maybe the winchesters are basically going to try to protect god? I also like the idea of bringing back Gabriel, Richard Spieght Jr. is one of my favorite actors besides Chad Lindberg and Jensen Ackles. I think they may do a reincarnation because they havent ever really explored that area and I think it'll be pretty cool.Also man if sam got out of hell and is still sam, then could it be possible that their other brother did to?

And i know what Brady said about the horsemen and their rings but maybe he was lying, or maybe it doesn't apply to Death. Why else would Death hand over his "power" to Dean if he knew he couldn't get it back?

What are your thoughts on this one?

User:hellhoundofhorror, 10:55 AM, August 8th 2010

Yeah, I personally liked Adam a lot, i think he would make a great hunter. Another thing, do you think they'll ever show a skinwalker, like how you reffered to the black dog, they have menchened it a couple of times but we've never actually seen one.Also, I hope they do some changes with the djiin, idk make him more powerful, or slight but noticable changes.

Also, Gwen and Chris Campbell. What do you expect to come out of them? I know Gwen with be shown on the first episode of season 6 but i wonder if they will begin hunting with them, unless they're the "i only hunt alone type."

What do you think?

User:hellhoundofhorror, 8:50 AM, August 8th 2010

Yeah, and i also have another creature they have shown, but never paid much attention to. A Rawhead, they showed one on the opening scenes of Faith. I think it would be cool cause like how the rawhead punishes the bad and rewards the good, what if it was trying to reward one of the winchesters and would not kill the other? But then obviously the "good" one is the one who is gonna kill it. Also looking forward to the evil fairy episode lol.

User:hellhoundofhorror, 12:19 AM, August 10th 2010

Well, yeah but supernatural has been known to change the the lore in some episodes to make it apply to Sam and Dean i mean, hell they even changed the lore in the bible. Anyway, I'm lookin forward to the "Third Man" episode, I always love to see some demon on demon or angel on angel violence, and all i know is that cas and Balthazor are falling from a four story window and it seems cas is pushing down on him as they fall onto Sam's Dodge Charger. Therefore I predict Balthozor has gone rouge since the "death" of his beloved friend cas, and now the boys got mixed up in it and cas comes to the rescue. Can't Wait!

User:hellhoundofhorror, 9:55 AM, August 11th 2010

Yeah, thats probably for the best, it does kinda ruin the show. Anyway, What is your opinion on bringing a hollywood horror movie character being on supernatural? Because at comic con, they said that they've wanted to put Jason Vorhees or someone rather on the show for some time now but haven't found time to fit it in, I personally think that isn't such a good idea if they do. I believe the supernatural team has enough creativity and resources to bring in characters we've never seen nor heard about before, thats what makes the show an original.They will prove to be running out of good ideas if they do decide to focus on some other hollywood hit horror movie character. Supernatural is its own universe and so is other fictional movies and shows, you just don't combine the two.

IDK Sera Gamble did imply a lot of " It's just a thought, but you never know" to it. And yeah, the Benders creeped me out, and I liked the Witch Patrick, and his years trading poker game. Anyway, Which version of Ruby did you like better? I personlly liked the Katie Cassidy version, she was more humorous at times. Having said that, Where do you think she got that knife? Thats something i truly hope supernatural explains. Another thing, we know that the Colt can't kill five things in all of creation, and that lucifer is one of them. So would the other four be the horsemen? or maybe Lucifer's brothers and God?

Yeah, these are a few of the things i hope they will explain in the coming season. Also, have you noticed how often the characters say "peachy." Its almost like Supernaturals' own little catch phrase. Like Ruby has said it numerous times, so has Dean i believe. Idk, anyway, have you taken a look at the season 5 gag reel? The full, clear version? i thought it was hillarious, you should see it if you haven't already. Can't wait for the dvd to come out!

Yeah, sarcasm builds Deans' ego. Hey i looking over some supernatural discussions on the CW and one of them really resignated with me, "What episode creeped you out the most?" Mine are the Benders, Bugs, The Kids Are Alright, and Time Is On My Side. What about you? And for emotionally mine was In My Time Of Dying, No Rest For The Wicked, and Swan Song. You?

Good choices I would have to agree. My Bloody Valentine was utterly disgusting lol.Oh and for emotional i have to add When The Levee Breaks, the Sam and Dean fight and when he walked out the door left a big pit in my stomach. But what is your favorite season? Mine is season 4, I think it was incredibly smart and action-packed. And it set up for season 5 perfectly.

Ok, heres a tough one, what episode really got under your skin? Mine was probably The Real Ghostbusters and Hell House because i am such a huge fan of j & j i feel protective of their characters. When people act like they know more then them or make fun of them it really grinds my gears lol. And also who do you think would win in a fight between Lilith and Azazel? I think Azazel would, due to his expertise in pyrokinesis and how he could possess reapers, im sure there's a lot we still don't know about the full extent of his power.What do you think?

Hey, yeah that is a very interesting thought, why HASN'T he revealed his demon eyes. That is a highly possible outcome, and i don't want to spoil anything for you but a recently read an interview with Fred Lehne, and now that you shared that thought with me, it fits just like a puzzle with the "teaser" he revealed. You know he really could be another YED which would explain all of "advanced" abilities he possesses.

Another thought, why were Alastair's eyes white just like Lilith's? Maybe Lucifer made a group of demons (Lilith being the first)with white eyes, then progressed toward "lesser demons" with black eyes. So maybe Crowley's eyes are white, maybe he is just as powerful as Lilith and Alastair because he was created in the same group as them. But then I dont know where that would leave Azazel. Maybe he was created and appointed leader of the group?

Also, a thought about Ruby's knife. Maybe Samuel Colt made the knife. I mean, if he possessed the ability to created something as powerful as the Colt, then maybe he could have made the knife. What if he didn't want to waste the bullets on demons and made a knife. And maybe Ruby obtained it somehow. I mean he kinda has been a big part of the show, making the 50 square mile devil's trap and of course the colt, its possible hes responsible for the knife.

Yeah, I also want to know more Azazel though. I think they both should get a spin-off series, thats somethin i wouldn't mind watching on a daily basis. Because Azazel is the most unique demon, and he was the first to be spoken to by lucifer about his endgame. also about crowley, i think he has yellow eyes like Azazel because they were both in charge of something. Azazel was in charge of finding a special child and freeing the army of demons. Crowley was in charge of all the crossroads deals and making sure the people are hurled into damnation. Also, lilith wouldnt have yellow eyes because she wasn't in charge of anything really, except to be murdered by Sam Winchester. And Wauldn't Azazel be in charge of breaking the seals since he was chosen by Lucifer for everything else? But after his death, i assume Lilith was the "next best thing" and took control. So thats why i think Crowley and Azazel have yellow eyes and Lilith doesn't

Also, do you use twitter? my acc. is @theatricalspoil

Dosn't Crowley holds all contracts? I think it was Becky who confirmed it. And Crowley often refers to himself as the "king of the crossroads".And i think a comic book would be a good way to do the past. And maybe the Anime could do maybe a flashback or at least explain it.

Anyway, ive been doing some research on numbers in supernatural. For instance the number 10, used in crossroads deals for the average length of years you get to live your wish & used with Azazel when he comes to bleed into the childrens' mouths 10 years after each deal, and it means "Perfection" in the bible. Which i think is relevent with Azazel because his endgame had to be perfect, thats why he covered his tracks so good, and why it took him so long.

Not that im assuming thats why they used the number, just saying, supernatural gets ya' thinkin! lol. BTW-39 days til season 6!

yeah, hey have you read the SPN novels? Iv'e read the first two, they actually to a pretty good Sam & Dean, you should if you haven't, especially "Nevermore" about the Edgar Allen Poe conspiricies.

Also do you remember when Uriel said that other Angels have joined him to fight on Lucifer's side? What ever happened to those Angels? are they still in heaven? what do u think?

I think when Cas said the heaven must be in total anarchy with the Archangels gone it must have included the rebellious Angels trying to take control at some point. At comic con 2010 Gamble hinting someting about the angels after swan song, she said something along the lines of "they began locking dark angels in the basement. So maybe there is still a battle going on? I tried to make the question as "spoiler-less" as possible.

Also, do you have any thoughts on possibly how Sam got out of the cage? Maybe he struck a deal? or was he summoned back by angels as Dean was?

yes, perhaps Sam has unfinished business regarding Angel duty? Oh well, just gonna have to wait til season six! This feels like the the longest most painful hellatus in the histoy of supernatural!

Also, about the supernatural anime, i wonder what type of anime only creatures they will do, ay thougts on what that giant tapeworm-like creature was on the preview? ive been looking but, nadda.


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