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With the time difference & waiting for the download I can start the transcript Saturday night or Sunday morning, +- 7 hours ahead of the US. I'll gladly do the one for "Party On, Garth" if you don't mind waiting.
You always do a great job with the transcripts, "all right/alright" is just something that bothers me personally for some reason, and with "He goes by 'Emmanuel'.", it doesn't make sense for the inverted commas to go inside the full stop - he goes by "Emmanuel", not "Emmanuel.", hope that makes sense.
Anyway, if you feel like taking a break, I'll check in after I've watched the episode and do the transcript if it's not done.
Have an awesome week.

-silvershadow6 :)

Hey again.
Damn, didn't mean to spoil the title, but yep, "Party On, Garth" is today's episode. You can go ahead and do it, I'll do the next one.
I see you've been busy with the Swan Song flashbacks, well done! I'll see if I can fill in some blanks.
No use debating English hey. I suppose it doesn't really matter, but I'll just stick with what makes sense. Silly American logic. I don't think you should worry about changing the Australianisms (South African here). After all, the wiki is run by the fandom and the fandom comes from all over the world.