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Benny: Boarded, burned, and buried at sea. My nest – that's how we fed... How we always fed. We kept a tight little fleet, maybe a half-dozen boats. Nothing ostentatious, just pleasure craft. I must have circled the Americas ten times during my tour. A few of us would act as stringers and patrol the harbors, looking for the right-size target – fat, rich yachts going to far-off ports. Take down the boat's name and destination, radio it to the crew in the water. And then we just, uh... let the ocean swallow up all our sins.

Dean: Vampire pirates. That's what you guys are. Vampirates!
Benny: You know all the years we ran together, I can't believe nobody ever thought of that.
Dean: What do you mean? It's like the third thing you say!

Benny: No, it isn't.

Benny and Dean, 8.05 Blood Brother

Benny Lafitte was turned into a vampire by his maker, a centuries old vampire known as "the Old Man." The nest of vampires he ruled over were vampirates who would find private yachts heading for far away destinations, feed on the owners and then sink the boat to cover up their crimes.

On one occasion Benny found a yacht owned by a Greek heiress Andrea Kormos who he fell in love with and abandoned his nest for. Benny never lies to her about what he is and having found something he likes in humanity, starts feeding on blood transfusions rather than people. However, Benny's maker and his nest catch up with him in Clayton, Louisiana and kill him for his desertion. After Dean resurrects Benny, the two go after the operation and kill all of the vampires, shutting it down.