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Bonnie908.jpgSpn908 0909.jpg
Name Vesta aka Bonnie Fuschau
Actor Lindy Booth
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Sheriff Jody Mills)
Location Hartford, South Dakota
Occupation Roman goddess
Episode(s) 9.08 Rock and a Hard Place


Vesta was the Roman Goddess of the Hearth. In ancient times, six virgins were set to work tending her hearth and if they kept the fire lit, Vesta gave Rome a good harvest. However, they had to stay a virgin for 30 years or they were buried alive. When they were near-death, Vesta would then dig them up and eat their livers. When Christianity came around, everyone forgot about Vesta and the other deities and her fire was let to extinguish. Vesta then worked to fit in among the Christians while taking virgins who broke their vows of celibacy, even if they were just born-again virgins.


Powers and abilities

  • Blessings – So long as six virgins were dedicated to tending her hearth for 30 years, Vesta would grant a good harvest to the Romans.
  • Enhanced senses – Vesta could sense when a virgin or born-again virgin broke their vows to her. With a touch, Vesta could tell the damage done to Sam's body by the trials, claiming he was "all duct tape and safety pins inside."
  • Pyrokinesis – Vesta was described as being enveloped in a blue halo of light, and had enough control to disorient, maim or kill with the blue fire.
  • Super strength – Vesta could easily overpower normal humans, and could lift up a pickup truck with ease.


  • Oak stained in virgin blood – An oak stake stained in the blood of a virgin was able to kill Vesta.


7.12 Time After Time

A wooden stake carved by vestal virgins is used to kill Chronos.

Vesta engulfed in her purifying fire.

9.08 Rock and a Hard Place

Settling into the town of Hartford, South Dakota as a young woman named Bonnie Fuschau, Vesta joined a church chastity group and took the pastor, an engaged couple and a waitress as victims when they broke their vows. She then locked them in an old fallout shelter underneath the barn of the old Whitmer Farm five miles east of Hartford. As she was observed displaying unnatural strength and a blast of fire, Sheriff Jody Mills called in Sam and Dean to investigate and try to find her victims.

When Sam and Dean arrived in town, as Bonnie, Vesta met them at the church and they joined the abstinence group to look for clues with Vesta herself recruiting them. Vesta was part of their first meeting and later ate the pastor's liver when he was near death. When Dean and Suzy Lee had sex, Vesta captured them and tossed them in the shelter taking Dean's main cellphone though she missed his hidden backup.

Vesta is killed by Jody Mills.

At the same time, Sam and Jody figured out what they were dealing with and that she had captured Dean. Thanks to the clue of a train whistle in the background from a call from Dean, Sam and Jody were able to figure out where she was keeping her victims and headed there to rescue them. After Sam found the entrance to the shelter and tried to open it, Vesta knocked him out and attacked Jody. Jody shocked her by revealing her knowledge of Vesta's true nature and taunted her by calling her pathetic. Vesta strapped her to her altar to kill her while explaining why she was doing all of this, but while she was distracted, Jody pulled out a stake to kill her with. Vesta overpowered her and prepared to kill Jody with it, but Sam attacked her, causing her to non-fatally wound Jody. Vesta quickly overpowered Sam and tried to eat his liver, but found that it was no good due to the trials. Shocked, Vesta questioned how a confused Sam could even be still alive. While Vesta was distracted with Sam, Jody came up behind her and stabbed Vesta from behind with the stake, killing her in a burst of fire.

With Vesta dead, Jody and Sam were able to rescue her surviving victims including Dean who managed to break free just after her death.