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Powers and Abilities Strong and produce venom
Vulnerabilities Can be killed with a silver knife to the heart
Appearance Humanoid with snake-like eyes with a vertical iris and four pointed fangs, will revert to a reptilian look upon death.
Episode(s) 7.11 Adventures in Babysitting


Vetalas are creatures that sedate their victims with venom and then feed on their blood over a number of days. The victim usually dies after three or four feedings. Vetalas prefer to hunt in pairs, although John Winchester hunted a single vetala and documented it in his journal. Dean hunted a pair of them on his own, while Sam was at Stanford.[1]


Powers and Abilities

  • Have razor sharp teeth.[1]
  • Produce a venom that sedates its victims.[1]
  • Are very strong.[1]


  • Can be killed with a silver knife. Stab the heart and twist the blade to finish them off.[1]


7.11 Adventures in Babysitting

Sally and Marlene are two vetala who are hunting together in Kansas, targeting truckers. Sally poses as a sex worker to lure them into the dark, while Marlene works as a waitress at a small diner. Together they kidnap the men, hide their trucks, and then hold them captive over several days, feeding. They keep multiple victims alive at one time. They manage to capture hunter Lee Chambers, and later catch Sam, who is looking for Lee. They are killed by Sam and by Lee's daughter Krissy, who tagged along with Dean to look for the missing hunters.

Detail on vetala from John's journal.
A vetala upon death.

9.05 Dog Dean Afternoon

While trying to figure out what killed Max Alexander by constriction and attacked Dylan and Olivia Camrose by spraying venom in their faces, Sam guesses they may be looking for vetalas. Dean nixes the idea, telling him that Max Alexander didn't have any bite marks on his body, and was only constricted to death.

Vetala in Lore

In India mythology, the vetala is a ghoul or evil spirit that haunts graveyards and possesses corpses. They are said to originate from the souls of children not given proper burial rites. They are from the same group of creatures as Rakshasas.[2]